The EU is going to ban gas stoves. This is how you prepare for a revolution

  • The ban on gas and coal stoves is part of the EU’s major Fit for 55 project
  • Does the ban have a chance of coming into effect – and in five years’ time? The expert tells us that the chance that someone will “derail” the regulation is not very high
  • This means a real revolution for Poland. An estimated 40 percent. houses in cities are heated with gas, and 26 percent. – coal
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In 2027, no new-build home may have a gas or coal stove. Three years later, there will also be a similar ban on renovated homes.

The prospect is therefore very close and Poles are dependent on both gas and coal. A recent study by Heat Decor shows that gas is unparalleled in the largest agglomerations – more than 40 percent. people use this raw material to heat their homes. 26 percent use coal, 10 percent wood, and only 9 percent. – heat from the grid. Renewable energy sources are still very rare in Poland.

Ban on gas stoves. Can the Union change its mind?

So it is clear that the new EU regulations are a huge challenge for Poland, but will they come into effect in a few years?

The proposal is part of the Fit for 55 package and is based on a reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 55%. in 2030. 20 years later, the Community will become carbon neutral. For the time being, however, the ban on the use of stoves is only a proposal from the European Commission.

– Of course there is a risk that the proposal to ban the use of gas and coal stoves will somehow “derail”, but I would be very surprised if it happened – Joanna Flisowska, a Greenpeace energy and climate expert, told Business Insider.

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