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Project of the Ministry of Climate and Environment

Last week, at the conference, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Jacek Ozdoba informed about the assumptions of the new draft law on the introduction of a universal deposit system in Poland. In the ministry’s new proposal, the deposit system should apply to disposable and reusable glass bottles up to 1.5 litres, plastic bottles up to 3 liters and aluminum cans up to 1 litre.

The first project involved depositing a deposit on disposable plastic bottles for drinks up to 3 liters and reusable glass bottles for drinks up to 1.5 liters; there were no aluminum cans. – The new bill has changed significantly from what was presented in January, because after the so-called public consultations. Many entities had the opportunity to comment on what could be improved – says Julita Markiewicz-Patkowska, environmental protection engineer on Polish Radio 1. – The new project includes the collection of aluminum cans, packaging up to 1 liter and the so-called monkeys , which are a huge scourge and make up a huge percentage of all waste – he emphasizes.

The secretary of state said the bail law would come into force in 2023, although there will be a transition period for the preparation of the system itself.

Customer-friendly system

The deposit system in Poland must be receipt-free and consumer-friendly. – You don’t have to drive far to the store, because the draft bill assumes that the system will become mandatory for all stores larger than 100 m2 – emphasizes the guest of Jedynka.

The amount of the deposit is stated in the regulation by law. The award didn’t say how much it would be, though it admitted it would still be consulted before it went into final effect.

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The deposit on cans is a waste material for waste sorting?

Jacek Wodzisławski, chairman of the RECAL foundation, believes that aluminum beverage cans with a capacity of up to 1 liter have been included in the deposit system and that alternative, cheaper and more effective scenarios for increasing the recycling rate of aluminum packaging in Poland have been omitted. “The recycling level of soft drink cans has been above 80 percent for years and all aluminum packaging is around 60-65 percent, compared to 50 percent required by EU regulations.” – he remembered.

According to Wodzisławski, the deposit for cans will – at best – increase the recycling level of aluminum packaging by about 7-8 percentage points, while closing the investment gap in waste management identified by the government in May 2021 could increase this level by more. than 15 percentage points “Estimated annual costs for the functioning of the deposit system are more than PLN 1 billion, while the total cost of closing the investment gap for aluminum in 2028 is 100-120 million PLN.” he pointed.

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Program title: Four Seasons

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Release date: June 7, 2022

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