Terraced houses Gdańsk Karczemki – advantages and disadvantages. How is a private home different from twins in Karczemki?

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Terraced houses in Gdańsk Karczemki are one of the most popular forms of development on the estate. The combination of modern solutions with classic design attracts families with children, as well as people seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. What are the advantages of terraced houses in Karczemki? How are they different from twins?

Karczemki is part of the Kokoszki district. The estate, located about 8.5 km from the city center, offers peace and quiet, but at the same time offers easy access to Śródmieście and other districts of Gdańsk. The proximity of the bypass also means driving comfort in the direction of Gdynia, Tczew or Elbląg.

Terraced houses Gdańsk Karczemki – advantages and disadvantages of terraced houses

Are you thinking about buying a terraced house property? Gdańsk Karczemki is an estate where you can easily find a house connected with other buildings by one or two walls. There are at least three houses in the terraced houses.

The terraced houses in Gdańsk Karczemki are distinguished by modern aesthetics and thoughtful design. The interiors meet the expectations of families with children and people who value spatial arrangements. Typically, a terraced house consists of a ground floor, upper floor and a small attic, located on an area of ​​approx 100-160 m²† An additional advantage of terraced houses is: large plots that allow the arrangement of the garden. Current development standards also include garages, balconies or terraces.

Residents of terraced houses in Gdańsk Karczemki do not have to worry about privacy. The projects guarantee separate entrances and gates that allow the comfort of everyday life. The main advantage of terraced houses is their location. Modern buildings are usually built in places that are distinguished by good infrastructure, but also by the quiet and green suburbs of the city. In addition to residential areas, shops and services and educational institutions are being built at a rapid pace. It is also worth remembering about lower investment costs.

In the immediate vicinity of the terraced houses in Karczemki you will find the Tricity Landscape Park and the Jasień Lake – perfect places for long walks. The house in Karczemki also allows you to quickly reach Kashubia.

The disadvantages of terraced houses are close to the neighborhood. By connecting the property with walls, sounds and noises come from both sides. Some residents complain about poor relations with their neighbors. The second drawback is the lack of personalization of the project. Potential owners have no chance of influencing the developer’s decisions. The terraced houses have the same layout and storey buildings with stairs. Property owners in a terraced house in Gdańsk Karczemki also have limited ability to make decisions about facade or appearance.

Jasminowy Stick II

Jasminowy Stick II

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Karczemki twins – is it worth buying a semi-detached house?

Semi-detached houses in Karczemki are a type of construction between a detached house and terraced houses. The buildings are connected by only one common wall. Often the twins have the same setup inside or a mirror image.

Karczemki twins – advantages:

  • cheaper investment and operating costs than in detached houses,
  • spacious interiors,
  • large area,
  • own garden,
  • own entrance to the house.

What disadvantages of the twins in Karczemki should be taken into account? By deciding to buy a turnkey house, you have no influence on personalizing the interior. Relationships with neighbors are very important. Friendly relationships guarantee a comfortable everyday life, but the residents do not always get on well with each other. When you live in a semi-detached house, you and your neighbor have to make a number of decisions, such as renovating the roof or painting the facade.

Semi-detached house vs. terraced house Gdańsk Karczemki – what to choose?

The main difference between a semi-detached house and a townhouse is the amount of real estate in the building. There must be a minimum of three units in a terraced house and the owner shares the walls with two neighbors. Real estate in a terraced house in Gdańsk Karczemki is associated with lower purchase and operating costs, but also with a higher risk associated with neighborly relations. The semi-detached houses in Karczemki are usually larger in size and the immediate vicinity consists of only one building.

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