Live in harmony with nature. Customers value “green” investments

Designing greenery in premium investments is just as important as, for example, an original interior finish. The makers work closely with landscape architects to create spaces you want to live and work in – also thanks to the fact that plants are the natural element.

It creates a microclimate, purifies the air, helps to relax. The eyes, tired after working at the computer all day, rest best looking at her. We need greenery to live a healthy life, although we often forget it in our daily activities.

Until we visit one of the Invest Komfort investments – a developer who has been changing the face of the Tri-City for over 26 years. These are prestigious facilities intended for conscious and demanding customers, with the layout of the green space being an integral part of the project from the start. This allows you to live in the city every day, while being in close contact with nature.

The trees look through the windows

Nowe Kolibki is a unique place in Gdynia, which used to be a holiday resort. And although the area has changed, the atmosphere of relaxation surrounded by nature is still present. No wonder, because the coastal forest of the Tri-City Landscape Park comes right in between the buildings designed and created with respect for the environment.

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In addition to the natural greenery in Nowe Kolibki, new greenery was planted throughout the area throughout the year. The boundary between the forest and the low-rise area is virtually invisible: one green belt flows smoothly into the other. The forest practically “deposits” on the estate.

The buildings are surrounded by high hedges, turning the alleys that connect them into green corridors that give a sense of intimacy.

Characteristic of this investment is the combination of disorderly, natural greenery with a well-thought-out layout of new plants on the estate. On the one hand we have islands of “wild” birch trees or jagged pine trees that are characteristic of the coastal landscape, and on the other – newly planted plants between the buildings, which, however, have been selected to harmonize with the natural, forest vegetation.

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The interior is also full of plants, where the conditions for lush growth are provided by sufficient natural lighting.

The feeling of being close to nature is enhanced by the fact that the estate is free of car traffic, so that there is peace and quiet that is the implementation of the idea of ​​”slow life”, for which the investment was made and which is the common thread by Nowe Kolibki.

The investment is located on the border of Gdynia and Sopot, so we are almost in the center of the Tri-City, but it is hard to believe when you walk along the alleys of Nowe Kolibki. All the more so that after a few minutes’ walk we will be on the beach in Orłowo.

A breeze from Japan

The investment Smolna Sopot will be built in a slightly different style, but will also be realized on the edge of the Tricity Landscape Park. Here, inspirations from the Far East dominate, which is reflected not only in the characteristic finish of the buildings themselves, but also in the manner of planting. The facades of the buildings are made of wood fired with the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method (also called Yakisugi). This noble material makes the walls “painted with fire”, enhancing the sense of belonging to the mystery of the East.

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Smolna will literally adjoin the forest wall, but the spaces between them are more orderly, evoking associations with Japanese gardens. The impression of being close to nature is further enhanced by strongly projecting balconies and terraces, from which you can enjoy the view of the forest and greenery all year round in the investment area.

It is worth adding that this is a unique location – there are practically no places in Sopot where new houses can be built. The plot on which Smolna Sopot is located is therefore a real rarity.

The investor also ensured that residents could take full advantage of living in a seaside resort. There are trails next to it and bike stations have been built in the area of ​​the investment. Interestingly, there is even an area where you can wash your dog after a long spring walk in the nearby forest or on the beach, which you can easily walk to. In addition, residents have a well-equipped gym with a yoga room, saunas and a club room, ideal for gatherings with friends and family.

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Let’s see it from above

It is the third largest residential building in Gdynia, close to Śródmieście, which, thanks to this investment, has expanded naturally and extends beyond Kaszubski Square, which until now has been the real boundary of the district.

The Portova residential and services complex, which rises more than 50 meters into the sky, offers you the opportunity to enjoy postcards of the city and the sea, especially since a green observation deck with a telescope has been built on the roof.

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From the roof you can also fully appreciate the artistry of the makers of the greenery in the investment area. The alleys and plants create a non-obvious, modernist layout – a reference to modernism is visible in every element of the building, which fits the ideas of architects who created the architecture of Gdynia a hundred years ago.

Trees in pots, placed on terraces and roofs, and climbing plants on the walls complete the vegetation system in the investment area.

From above you can see the graphic arrangement of green, brown and stone, and walking around the patio of the building, densely planted with quite high vegetation, gives the impression of being in close contact with nature. Green is omnipresent, which fits perfectly with this – after all, a big city – investment.

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Garden in the city

The investment in the Gdańsk Botanica Jelitkowo estate was made in accordance with the garden city idea of ​​Ebenezer Howard, a British urban planner and architect of the early 19th and 20th centuries. Carefully selected vegetation harmonizes with the environment, regardless of the season. Already in the first two phases of the investment, more than 47,000 plants of 90 species were planted. This shows how careful the investor is in creating a space in which nature and architecture connect.

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Plants strongly invade the interior of buildings. In the SPA area stands a majestic chef, a tree as if made to decorate the space. Exotic trees – banana tree and strelitzia – also adorn the gym. The investor allows himself the exotic only as an exception – in general, all investments are dominated by native plants or plants that fit perfectly into the natural coastal vegetation.

With an eye for detail

Premium investments oblige to maintain high quality, not only in terms of finishes, materials used or architectural ideas. Today, this concern must also include the greenery around the buildings. With the best investors, an unusual idea for the interplay of architecture and nature is the basis for starting a project.

As the example of Invest Komfort shows, this approach works perfectly. Residential areas are embedded in the landscape in such a way that they seem to be a natural part of it. This is especially visible in the company’s investments based on the greenery of the Tricity Landscape Park. On the other hand, thanks to landscape architects, greenery can be “drawn” into urban spaces, an example of this is the investment in Portova.

The investor works with the best landscape architects and plant suppliers and the effects of this collaboration can be seen in every location. The experience of the company, which has made nearly 50 investments and built more than 6,000 properties in more than 26 years of history, is also important.

The quality that the company offers is appreciated by both customers and specialists in the industry, which is confirmed by numerous awards and accolades. Recently, the Portova complex won a prestigious award in one of the most important competitions in the real estate sector around the world – the European Property Awards. This is not the first such award for Invest Komfort projects. In recent years, EPAs include Botanica Jelitkowo and Nowe Kolibki residential areas. Almost every investment can also boast of other awards, such as the construction of the year (title awarded by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians) or the victory in the polls for the most interesting housing investment or the ranking of the best residential areas.

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