Last summer with the Polish Tourist Voucher!

With the voucher you do not only pay for the hotel

During the summer of this year, financial support for recreation for the youngest will come in handy. The Polish Tourist Voucher program will last until September 30 this year, which means that a holiday can be supported with an amount of PLN 500, and in the case of a child with a certified disability even PLN 1,000. The Polish Tourist Voucher is a very flexible solution and the number of forms of recreation, the costs of which we can cover with its use, are countless.

The pool of Polish Tourist Vouchers is not exhausted yet, some people have still not taken advantage of the possibilities offered by the program. Perhaps it is child caretakers who assumed that support only comes in the form of subsidies for expensive accommodation in expensive resorts, where it will be necessary to supplement the payment for the stay out of pocket† Meanwhile, the Polish tourist voucher provides access to various forms of recreation and it is very easy to find attractions, the cost of which is fully covered by the funds allocated to the voucher.

Program partners, ie owners of hotel, leisure or recreation facilities, with whom we settle with a tourist voucher, offer many attractions for our children. The Polish Tourist Voucher can be used to easily pay for accommodation or lodging, trips to organized camps or camps, but also for a visit to an amusement park or one of the many theme parks in Poland, for sports activities or outdoor games.

To ensure that the chosen form of recreation is supported by the resources of the tourist voucher, it is necessary to ensure in advance that the place chosen by us is on the list of program partners. However, we assure you that it is much more difficult to find a tourist facility that does not support vouchers than the other way around. The full list of places where we pay for the stay or use the attractions with vouchers can be found on the website of the Polish Tourism Organization or at in the “Tourist Voucher” tab. The list contains a database of more than 28,000 places and a user-friendly search engine, through which we can easily check whether the object of interest to us will certainly handle payment with vouchers.

The offer includes places adapted to different interests and financial possibilities – from providing peaceful relaxation in the bosom of nature, through facilities with playgrounds for children, swimming pools and amusement parks, to star hotels in the largest Polish cities.

Among the tourist facilities and organizers that accept payments with the Polish Tourist Voucher, there are also offers that have been awarded by the Polish Tourism Organization for meeting the highest standards of adaptation to family vacations. All facilities that have been awarded the Certificate of Good Practice have a special offer of attractions and all possible amenities for traveling toddlers, so that they will certainly not be bored and will be safe. The group of honored people also includes travel agencies and facilities adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, as well as sanatorium centers that offer not only relaxation, but also rehabilitation stays and health holidays.

For a tent with a voucher

Receipt It will also work well for recreational activities such as camping or family camping. More and more campsites not only offer a tent area and sanitary facilities, but also football fields, beaches, seaside resorts and playgrounds. It is also a great solution for mature parents to give their children more independence and experience the charms of colony or camp life. If you think it’s time, you can also pay for your child’s stay in summer camps, camps or even a green school with the Polish Tourist Voucher.

Download and use

Downloading and using a travel voucher is simple, safe and requires no additional documents. The “Polish Tourist Voucher” tab will automatically appear on PUE ZUS profiles of parents or guardians who charge 500+. A simple and intuitive registration procedure on the PUE ZUS portal only requires confirmation of your identity using one of three tools: a trusted profile, qualified electronic signature or electronic banking with banks that partner with ZUS.

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Activation of the tourist voucher does not mean that the grant must be used immediately. The time to pay for the tourist service offered by the Polish tourist voucher is until September 30, 2022, but the trip itself can take place later. If you have a voucher and have already used part of it, remember that the program allows you to pay with the voucher multiple times, until the full amount is used up.

For parents doing it for the first time, there is a short guide on how to download the Polish tourist voucher, how to activate the extra benefit for a disabled child and what to do if you don’t see the voucher tab on your PUE ZUS profile: activate voucher.

For the forgetful, the Polish Tourism Organization has prepared an additional SMS and mailing campaign to remind you of the date of use of the Polish Tourist Voucher Program.

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