Italy. Nicolas Gentile built “Middle-earth” and lives with his family like a hobbit

  • An Italian pastry chef, a big fan of Tolkien’s work, decided to live like a hobbit
  • On purchased land in Abruzzo he built a house where he lives with his family, disguised as a hobbit
  • At the end of August, Italy traveled with his relatives to Naples, where he symbolically threw “the only ring” into Vesuvius
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37 year old pastry chef from Italy Nicolas Gentile he was so fascinated by the hobbits that it was his dream to live like them. To this end, he has taken far-reaching measures. The first step towards achieving the intended goal was: land purchase in the town of Bucchianico in the Italian Abruzzo. There he started building his Middle-earth with the help of his wifeor the continent/country where most of JRR Tolkien’s novels are set.

Bucchianico has a lot to do with this lifestyle. It has been organized there every year for 500 years banderesi festival, where people dance, prepare local dishes and dress up in medieval costumes. As Gentile says in an interview with “The Guardian”: – Some time ago I realized that books and movies are no longer enough to satisfy my passion for the fantasy genre, especially the Lord of the Rings. So I decided to live like a hobbit – he admitted.

The hidden message of traveling to Naples

On August 27, together with a group of friends and fans of Tolkien’s work, under the guise of elves, wizards and dwarves, among others, walked 200 km to in Naples throw the “only ring” at Vesuvius.

Gentile added that his journey with the ring to Mount Vesuvius was not only fun, but had a deeper message. He wanted to send a message. † The Earth today is threatened by pollution and a climate crisis, enemies as terrifying as Sauron. We wanted to show that, like Tolkien’s Middle-earth, our country needs to be saved and protected – explains the Italian.

However, throwing the ring into the volcano’s crater was only symbolic. Gentile said ecology was too important to him to do that. So he just threw a piece of solidified lava into Vesuvius and gave the ring to one of the guys he met on his trip to Naples.

A new Hobbit apartment

His current apartment is built on two hectares of previously purchased land. He lives there with his family, dressed in a Hobbit costume. In the future he plans in this area add among others The house of Bilbo Baggins or the inn “Under the Green Dragon”. He wants this area to be the home of the Hobbits.

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– I realized that I have always lived in Middle-earth. The only thing that was missing was to realize it and build a village. I wanted people to enter my mind, into my fantasy. Many laugh at us. Some people think I’m trying to get away from reality, far away. And I’m living my dream, my adventure Gentile tells reporters from The Guardian.

The Italian adds that he plans to name his belongings “Contea Gentile”. Another name is not possible as this would infringe copyright. All houses will be ecological, using solar energy.

Source: the guard/ Instagram

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