Who earns the best in government? It’s not prime minister

Not the Prime Minister, but the Minister of Justice was the cabinet member with the highest income last year. Half of the ministers live with loans around their necks, almost all save in their own currency, and only one member of the government declares that there is no savings. Konkret24 analyzed the latest asset declarations from members of the government of Mateusz Morawiecki.

On May 27, the Chancellery of the Sejm published on its website the declarations of ownership of all 460 deputies (they are available in deputies profiles tabs), including 19 deputies who are also members of the government. The publication of property declarations of MPs, including Polish Members of the European Parliament, follows from the Act on the Exercise of the Mandate of a Deputy and Senator – the Assets declarations of MPs are public under this law (similar to the declarations of local government officials according to local government laws).

The situation is different with the statements of individuals included in the Act Restricting the Business of Persons Performing Public Functions (the so-called Anti-Corruption Act) – including President, head of his office, heads of the Chancellery of the Sejm and the Senate , Prime Minister and Ministers, President and members of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Poland, the Ombudsman, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Supreme Court, managers of state offices and institutions, etc. Their statements can – with a few exceptions – be disclosed with the consent of the persons concerned. Also, declarations of ownership by judges and prosecutors are in principle public.

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The statements of the four non-MPs – Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa, Minister of Finance Małgorzata Rzeczkowska, Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski and Minister of European Affairs Konrad Szymański have been published with their permission on the website of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

It is worth noting that almost all members of the government declare that their property consists of what they have together with their spouses: joint savings or co-ownership of real estate or cars. The asset returns contain the state of the assets at the end of the calendar year preceding the submission of the return.

The boss doesn’t earn the most

The highest salary among the members of the government is, of course, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (his financial statement was analyzed by the tvn24.pl portal) – in 2021 he earned PLN 236,278.52. Together with the parliamentary allowance (PLN 37,578.05), the Prime Minister’s income PLN 273.856.57† This doesn’t mean he deserved the most.

In this regard, he was overtaken by the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General, Zbigniew Ziobro. His total income in 2021 was PLN 345.829.82† That’s because they come from four sources. Zbigniew Ziobro receives a salary as Minister of Justice – PLN 203,402.46, a position allowance as Attorney General – PLN 72,607.14, an allowance for seat in the National Council of Justice – PLN 32,910.25. and the parliamentary allowance – PLN 36,909.97. A year earlier, the income of Minister Ziobro was almost 291 thousand PLN. zloty.

Zbigniew Ziobro's income in 2021
Zbigniew Ziobro’s income in 2021 Photo: sejm.gov.pl

The second highest paid member of the government is PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. His income includes the salary of the Deputy Prime Minister – 208,438.28 PLN; old age pension – PLN 90,259.62 and a daily allowance of PLN 5,041.65, which in total PLN 303.739.55 income in 2021. In 2020 Jarosław Kaczyński earned 229 thousand. zloty. Next to him is the second member of the government to receive an old-age pension, in addition to the ministerial and parliamentary salary and parliamentary allowance, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Henryk Kowalczyk. His total income in 2021 was PLN 258 132.61but Kowalczyk joined the government at the end of October last year.

The Minister of the Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński earned slightly less than the Prime Minister in 2021 – 273,654.86 PLN.

There are five ministers who, in addition to their salaries and allowances, earn from renting real estate. Here the highest income in this account was earned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zbigniew Rau – 59,355 PLN (he has two houses), and in total PLN 268,584.03 (salary, food, income from work at the University of Lodz, rental income). Minister Konrad Szymański generated a gross income of PLN 49,000 by renting two apartments. PLN, which, in combination with the ministerial salary, earned him in 2021 PLN 262 165.75 income.

24 thousand PLN was the rental income, which was earned in 2021 by the Minister in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Michał Cieślak (in total his annual income in 2021 was PLN 289,795.79† PLN 16,800 was earned by the Minister of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda (total income in 2021 PLN 221,979.92), while the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg, has a rental income of PLN 12,800 (total income PLN 256 305.77

Income in 2021 of Minister Michał Cieślak
Income in 2021 of Minister Michał Cieślak Photo: sejm.gov.pl

Savings – in traditional form

Do such wages prompt ministers to save? Not all. For example, according to the entries in the “Cash” column, the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk together with his wife saved PLN 148,500 in 2021 and now has PLN 358,500. Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński’s savings have increased from PLN 142,000 to PLN 253,144 compared to 2020. The value of the savings declared in 2021 by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk (in cash and bonds) was PLN 306,240. PLN 400 thousand (80,000 more than in 2020) has been awarded to the head of the Ministry of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak.

The joint financial resources of Climate Minister Anna Moskwa and her husband amounted to 46 thousand in 2020. to be increased to 353,000 declared by it in 2021 in a joint account.

The only minister to declare that he had no savings at the end of 2021 was the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Michał Dworczyk. In the previous asset declaration at the end of 2020, he declared 19.5 thousand. PLN savings.

The ownership declarations of government members show that they keep their savings in Polish zlotys, rarely in any form other than cash in their account. The exception is the prime minister – in 2020 he had PLN 4.7 million in savings, at the end of 2021 he declared 56 thousand. PLN in cash and government bonds in the amount of PLN 4,600,460. Government bonds in the amount of PLN 140 thousand PLN was bought in 2021 by Deputy Prime Minister Kowalczyk. Jacek Sasin and Mariusz Błaszczak have insurance policies worth PLN 130,000 respectively. and 50 thousand zlotys. Minister without portfolio, Michał Wójcik, has more than 21.6 thousand. PLN on the investment account.

Declarations of ownership of deputies for 2021 have been published

Declarations of ownership of deputies for 2021 have been published Video: tvn24

Life on credit

Of the 23 members of the current cabinet, 12 ministers spend part of their income on repaying various loans. Usually these are mortgages in Swiss francs for the purchase of an apartment, house or real estate. Jaroslaw Kaczynski in SKOK im. Stefczyka (Kasa Stefczyka) has over 84,000 to pay. zloty.

But it cannot be compared with Minister Cieślak, who wrote in his statement of assets that he had to pay off two loans: 500,000 PLN. and 411 thousand. zloty. Minister Anna Moscow has more than PLN 579 thousand to pay. PLN loan, Minister Czarnek – almost 400 thousand. (in francs).

In turn, Michał Dworczyk, as we remember the minister without savings, has to pay off no less than four loans: more than 61 thousand. in francs, 35 thousand. PLN loan from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, 30 thousand. loans from the Chancellery of the Sejm, PLN 30,000 private loan and 60 thousand. with a bank credit line. In addition, there is a debt on a credit card of 2.5 thousand. zloty.

Credits from the head of the Chancellery of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk
Credits from the head of the Chancellery of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk Photo: sejm.gov.pl

Houses and apartments

Apart from savings, the property of an average Polish minister is a house with an area of ​​at least 100 m2, a plot of land and a flat several tens of meters high – usually in the form of a matrimonial community. The best example here is the Minister of Sports and Tourism, Kamil Bortniczuk, who declares that he and his wife co-own a house of 200 m2 and an apartment of 74 m.

Prime Minister Morawiecki states that he owns two houses of 150 m2 and 100 m2 with plots, a 74 mtr apartment and half of a 180 mtr terraced house, as well as an agricultural plot. Two houses with plots – one 160 m2, the other 330 m2 – are owned by Zbigniew Rau, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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20/05/2022 | The property of the prime minister’s wife has not yet been disclosed. ‘I confirm that PiS is a transparent party’ Video: TVN Facts

In turn, the highest-earning minister in the government, Zbigniew Ziobro, declared in his statement for 2021 (as in 2020) the following properties: 1/3 of a share of a family house with a share of a plot, a house of 133 m2 under construction, a cottage 34 m2, 125 1 meter apartment, agricultural land 0.73 ha, two forest and agricultural plots – one 1.1 ha, the other – 1.4 ha. In the statement of Minister Ziobro, next to each of these homes is the note “mortgage property”.

On the other hand, for example, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, Mariusz Kamiński, declares that he owns a 39-meter-long flat.

The only minister who did not enter real estate in the wealth declaration is Łukasz Schreiber, the minister in the Prime Minister’s office.

Expensive real estate

A comparison of ministers’ real estate statements for 2020 with those for 2021 shows that in 2021 we could have faced sudden changes in the real estate market and a significant increase in value. And so, in the statement for 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński in the column “home value”, in which he has 1/3 of the real estate, entered PLN 1.5 million a year later – already PLN 1.8 million. Deputy Prime Minister Sasin, who estimated the value of the 187-meter high house at 650,000 in 2020, noted the amount of 800,000 PLN in his declaration of ownership a year later. zloty.

Similarly, Zbigniew Ziobro wrote in the statement for 2020 that the value of a house under construction (along with a summer house) is 646,000 PLN, in a statement for 2021 – there is an amount of PLN 1 million.

In 2020, Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński declared the value of the 400-meter house (he owns half of the shares in it) at 2 million PLN, in the last statement of assets he entered the amount of 3 million PLN. Interestingly, Deputy Prime Minister Gliński declares that he is the owner of Edward Dwurnik’s painting “Wesołych Świąt”. In the statement for 2020, he estimated the value at 25 thousand PLN. PLN, in 2021 – the same picture, according to the statement in Piotr Gliński’s wealth statement – is already worth 50,000. zloty.

Author: Piotr Jaswinskic

Source: Konkret24, pic. Leszek Szymański, Wojtek Jargiło, Radek Pietruszka, Maciej Kulczyński / PAP

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