What to eat before a long trip?

More and more people are traveling and visiting different countries. We would like to reach these far corners of the world, but in order for the trip to take place in a pleasant atmosphere, it is worth taking care of certain details at the beginning of the planning. One of these is the organization and selection of the means of transport and facilities for the road. Exactly, but what exactly do you eat before a long trip? Sandwiches are sure to rule if you travel by car, bus or plane – they don’t take up much space and are easy to prepare. Often the question will be asked how to diversify this long trip, because when it comes to short trips, sandwiches are enough, but what to eat for a longer trip?

In addition to sandwiches, healthy snacks such as sliced ​​carrot, radish or apple are also delicious. Food prepared in this way will surely satisfy many hungry people.

What to eat before a long car ride?

Traveling by car is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience and the ability to pack more things. Since Europe opened, thousands of people have chosen neighboring countries for weekend or longer excursions. What to eat before a long car ride? It is worth noting that traveling by car gives you a lot of freedom when transporting things – therefore for a long trip you can buy sandwiches with your favorite cheese and vegetables or with bean paste. Pack the provisions prepared in this way in breakfast bags or plastic containers, which will later function as a garbage can. For a decrease in power, it is worth having bars or nuts on hand. An ideal idea is also rice cakes, which are light and do not take up much space, and will certainly prove to be a good solution to quickly kill hunger on a long route. When choosing a long car ride, we can stock up on lunch, which we transport in a special thermos. Rice with chicken will be a quick and filling dinner, and noodles with vegetables for vegetarians. Don’t forget your favorite drink!

Food before a long bus trip

When choosing a long journey by bus, it pays to stock up on the right amount of food and drink due to the limited stopping options. When choosing this type of transport, you should take into account not only the restrictions in the breaks, but also moving on the bus or eating meals with an intense smell – in this case, the fish is out! So what kind of food should we stock up on if we’re on a long coach trip? Fruit and vegetable snacks are perfect. In the summer season, you don’t have to look far to buy fresh strawberries, cherries or fava bean fillings. The latter, an under-appreciated vegetable, contains many vitamins and does well for lunch or dinner. Another snack for a long bus trip is dried fruit.

What do you feed your child before a long trip?

Traveling with a child is a real challenge. When you decide to travel to more distant places on Earth, it is worth planning the entire trip. When every detail of the journey is ready, the time will come to prepare the provisions for the journey. What do you feed your child before a long trip? More than one mother is confronted with this question. To diversify your child’s long journey, it is worth spending some time in advance to prepare colorful and crunchy snacks with carrots, cucumbers or radishes. A child’s reward for polite behavior while traveling can be a sweet snack in the form of a muffin or his favorite candy bar. If you are going on a long trip with a child, it is worth taking dry food that will not hinder or cause problems for your child.

What to eat during a long car ride – healthy suggestions

Remember that a long car journey does not mean that food has to be fast food. Thanks to this mode of transport, we can make use of intermediate stops and eat in peace. What healthy things can we take with us to eat during a long car ride? For breakfast, sandwiches with avocado or hummus are recommended. A side dish can be radish or cucumber. A healthy dinner, on the other hand, is brown pasta or rice with your favorite additions. To diversify your trip, you can prepare interesting potato pancakes or pancakes with your favorite filling. A salad with olives and feta cheese is delicious before a long car ride.

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