Tommy Hilfiger loved Roblox. A new project in metaverse has started

Continuing the collaboration with creators on the Roblox platform, the next phase of TOMMY HILFIGER’s digital adventures includes the opening of a dedicated TOMMY PLAY space. press mat.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand, part of the PVH Corp group. increases its presence on the Roblox platform.

  • Roblox provides a collaboration experience to more than 50 million users every day.
  • The brand’s latest project opens up the virtual world of TOMMY PLAY, where Roblox users can play, dream and build relationships together.
  • The brand’s virtual space reflects the roots of TOMMY JEANS and draws on street culture. The brand’s virtual space is inspired by Brooklyn. However, such a different interpretation of the neighborhood could only exist in the metaverse.

The Roblox platform embodies many of our brand values: openness, diversity, and most importantly, an emphasis on community building, says Tommy Hilfiger.

Attractive property in shopping centers and city centers – see offers on

– We are excited to meet Roblox users in their own world. We are happy to enrich their virtual adventures in a way that cannot be achieved on traditional social networks. Together with Roblox, we continue to build this world, admire how it grows and work on the next versions – add representatives of the brand.

What do Tommy Hilfiger and Roblox offer?

In this virtual space, users can enjoy adrenaline-boosting activities. By jumping on a BMX bike, you can explore the map at different heights: from the underground underground to the roofs of buildings. The main attraction is the virtual skate park, where users can explore the terrain, learn tricks and measure in cycling friendly races, the results of which are tracked on the daily leaderboard. Players can also unlock hidden attractions and search for unique items for their avatar or for clues about what’s coming to TOMMY PLAY.

When visiting the TOMMY PLAY space, you can come across walls covered in unique graffiti made especially for TOMMY JEANS by real, famous Brooklyn artists such as Rebel, Kel, Zero, SS, AO, Zam, Mega, Neek, Viloe and they. Natural urban aesthetics add authenticity to the space and enhance the combination of virtual and real worlds.

In TOMMY PLAY, users will also find other mini-games and Tommy Coins tokens to collect and redeem for virtual bikes, helmets, superpowers, and TOMMY JEANS clothing and accessories.

To ensure the creative engagement of gamers, digital products were created in collaboration with the developers on the Roblox platform: newcomers @Martin_Rblx2 and @StrapCode, and veteran community members @Blizzei and @RynityRift. Together they created new versions of real TOMMY HILFIGER designs, transferred to the Roblox platform using Layered Clothing’s pioneering technology. It is a solution that allows you to create hyper-realistic three-dimensional outfits that match the silhouette of each avatar. The captivating brand space was developed in collaboration with Sawhorse, developer expert on the Roblox platform.

In Poland we already have 50 thousand.  e-shops, and more to come

The continuation of the collaboration is based on the first phase of TOMMY HILFIGER’s presence on Roblox. In December 2021, the brand partnered with eight selected digital fashion designers from the platform community. The result was the Tommy X Roblox Creators Collection – 30 virtual products that allow you to wear your avatars.

The brand presence on Roblox is complemented by Team Tommy, a community-led initiative that aims to recognize eight emerging talents from the gaming world.

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