New hospital food bill

– The minimum daily cost of meals and drinks per person must not be less than 120%. the minimum gross hourly wage determined on the basis of the Minimum Remuneration for Labor Act – proposed in the draft law on food safety and nutrition by the deputies of the Left. We summarize the document and share it.

In their draft, the deputies demanded an increase in the expenditure on collective catering in healthcare institutions (as well as in educational institutions and other entities that offer closed-type catering). They suggest that the amount spent daily feeding one patient should be 120 percent. The gross hourly rate, calculated on the basis of the Minimum Wage Act. It is easy to calculate that it is PLN 23.64 – the minimum gross hourly rate is currently PLN 19.7.

MEPs – represented by MP Krzysztof Gawkowski – point out in the justification of the draft that “nutrition is an integral part of the treatment process and contributes to improving patient health”. They refer to the report of the Supreme Court under the title “Nutrition of patients in hospitals”, which states that “the provisions do not define patients’ dietary standards, product quality, rules for controlling hospital nutrition services and rules for employing dietitians … in departments, and the products provided they do not improve the functioning of the body, and sometimes they can be harmful ”.

The NIK audit shows that the average daily food costs in the hospitals tested in 2015-2017 ranged from PLN 9.55 to PLN 17.99.

– In establishments that had their own kitchen, the average cost of raw materials used to prepare meals – this is a very low amount – was 3.70 to 8.46 PLN per day. According to the intermediate studies of the Institute of Labor and Social Affairs on the subsistence level, the lowest possible amount for feeding a person is PLN 7.56, which means that patients in Polish health centers are fed below the subsistence level – the parliamentarians emphasize.

MEPs also point to “the abnormally low percentage of the cost of products compared to the cost of a meal as a whole, in one case only 24 percent of the cost of a full meal of the day”.

The authors of the project point out that “the current reality radically contradicts the basic recommendations of the World Health Organization, and that the situation in Polish hospitals also violates the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, according to which everyone has the right to health protection.” “.

The minimum hourly wage is determined by law and its value is known in advance. The project developers recognize that “the minimum hourly rate for a given year is the most flexible, and thus optimal for the consumers and the budgets of the entities involved in the project in question”.

The deputies emphasize that “as a result of the entry into force of the new law, the food standard in healthcare institutions, schools, educational institutions and other entities that offer group catering in a closed circle will improve”.

– The result of the improvement of the standard in this area will be a better diet of patients, students and other people who use closed-type catering, and thus – in many cases an improvement in health – the members of the Left write.

Project initiators provide financing for their idea.

– Based on the 2020 report of the Central Bureau of Statistics “Health and healthcare in 2019”, it can be estimated that about 11 million people use nutritional services in healthcare institutions on average 10 days a year. This means that the estimated cost of offsetting the costs in these facilities will be approximately PLN 900 million per year. This expenditure will be financed from the National Health Fund budget as part of increasing health care funding under the Public Health Funded Health Act – call the alternates.

The draft of the members of the Left is reviewed by the Legislative Bureau and the Parliamentary Analysis Bureau.

We publish the project in its entirety.

The document can only be viewed on computers or by downloading it by clicking: Draft law amending the Food and Nutrition Safety Act and some other laws

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Let us remember – in March a draft regulation from the Minister of Health was published on the requirements for the provision of food in hospitals. In mid-April, the public consultation process was completed – so far nothing official is happening with the regulation.

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