Milky blonde is a color that is perfect for summer! This shade was chosen by Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian

Imagine pouring a glass of milk over blond hair. This is how the shade of milky blonde is described, which the Kardashian sisters, Gigi Hadid and Anja Taylor-Joy, adored. Does it also have a chance to steal your heart? We advise who it suits and how to care for this color.

If you plan on coloring in blonde tones, pay attention to the milky version. milky blonde it is a color promoted by the biggest stars. Recently, thanks Kim Kardashian, made his red carpet debut. Influencerka presented itself at this year’s MET gala. She chose a custom dress made for Marilyn Monroe. Many commentators accused her of having the wrong hair color. However, it undoubtedly aroused interest.

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Kim Kardashian in another Marilyn Monroe dress. This time she chose an emerald green star image from the Golden Globes >>

Who is milky blonde good for?

It’s a shade inspired by platinum blonde, but with a more luxurious finish. Instead of using one color, the technique of lighting and dimming is used – explained in an interview with British Glamor Dylan Brittain, Creative Director of Rainbow Room International. The specialist emphasizes that the big advantage of milk blonde is that it is not too hot and not too cold, so it suits everyone, regardless of skin color. Works great with medium length cuts and waves. It also blends perfectly with dark carrots, which can be used as a base color. However, looking at the photos of the stars, we boldly say that any hairstyle will look great.

Milky Blonde Care

milky blonde requires lightening the hair which, unlike the one Kim Kardashian did in 14 hours, has to be done in stages. For example, Khloe Kardashian took three months to go from dark brown to light blonde. Coloring is done using the technique highlights and lowlights† Thanks to this, the reflections of different shades obtained on the hair will give them a more natural look

However, milky blonde is a pretty demanding color. To maintain its flawless shade, you should brighten up the roots in your salon every month or two. Care is also important. gadget this one shampoo to neutralize yellowish tones and revitalizing hair mask† It will also be helpful nourishing shampoo for daily care

A great proposition from the brand Milkshake there is a shampoo silver shine† Cosmetic using purple pigment effectively neutralizes yellowish and copper tones† It also contains a formula that improves the structure of the hair milk proteins and moisturizing, regenerating and soothing organic extracts of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries† It is optimal to use the product 1-2 times a week

To nourish the hair after the bleaching treatment and keep the shine, it is worth using cosmetics intended for colored hair† He collects excellent opinions series of products from So!† The revitalizing shampoo restores the hair structure vegan keratinmoisturizing glycerine and regulating pH citric acid† The composition is also rich in preventing color fading extracts of blackberries and plums and antioxidant and hair growth stimulating mountain rosary

My hair is weakened by continuous bleaching which makes it quite demanding. † [szampon] it’s great – the hair is delicate afterwards, does not fluff or dry out.‘ writes Joanna. “My hair looks so much better! They have a light shine, are soft and look fresh for a little longer than other shampoos.” – notes Alutka.

Additional care becomes intensive regenerating mask from the same serieswhich also contains smoothing, softening and shiny hair jojoba esters and moisture retention in the strands avocado oil† It’s worth putting on the mask 3 wash

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