Legal Hackathon 2022 – who won the competition

On Sunday afternoon, June 5, the fifth edition of Legal Hackathon 2022, a marathon of legal programming organized by Wolters Kluwer Polska, ended. This anniversary edition was unique for several reasons. First it took place in the real world, at the headquarters of the organizer, Wolters Kluwer Polska. At least one of the nine teams worked remotely. This is a team from Ukraine. Second, there were no new teams during the game, although there was a reshuffle on Saturday in previous editions. This year, the teams formed on Friday evening worked in concert and persevered until Sunday. Thirdly, thanks to this, all the ideas were very good and polished. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to choose the best design.

The fight has been very even so far, especially marathons, and so has the quality of the presentation – says Krzysztof Wojdyło, member of the jury, partner, lawyer at Wardyński i Wspólnicy. – All teams are selected, it was not easy to change them, although I am waiting for projects from the worlds 3.0 and 4.0 next year – adds Dr. Dariusz Szostek, professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia.

Although the jury only judged nine projects, it was held more than a year or two ago when there were more teams. Moreover, there was not yet a unanimous opinion. – One vote determined the first place, and it was the first time that two teams took third place – added Marcin Kleina, jury member, board member of Wolters Kluwer Polska. – What makes me happy is that, in line with the idea of ​​this year’s edition, a project that directly affects people won, and can be implemented by anyone – adds Marcin Kleina. Who won?

He won a legal career planning program

The jury consisting of:

  • Kamila Kurkowskapresident of Women in Law, CEO Firemind,
  • Marcin Kleinadirector of project management and software development, member of the board of directors of Wolters Kluwer Polska
  • Ryszard Sowisskicprofessor and rector of WSB, advisor to lawyers in the field of management and strategy,
  • dr. Dariusz Szostekprofessor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia,
  • Krzysztof Wojdyłopartner, lawyer Wardyński i Wspólnicy.

first place and a prize of 10 thousand. PLN was awarded to the Primitive squad team for an application that helps plan a career path. † Every year I work with hundreds of lawyers, interns, students, and I see many of them stuck in the wrong place, in the wrong role, doing what they were not designed to do. – says jury member Ryszard Sowiński, professor and rector of WSB University. – And I see that – people are accepted as competencies, and dismissed as personality, and it should be the other way around. The winning idea enables young lawyers to see a sea of ​​​​possibility and find their place under the sun – adds Prof. Sowiński. Kamila Kurkowska, juror and president of Women in Law, points out that none of the previous Hackathon has had an idea that addressed the personal needs of lawyers directly. – The winning team did something very difficult and invested soft skills with technology – adds Kurkowska. Why did he do it and how?

Our own story is the inspiration – says Mateusz Piech, team leader, tax advisor at Bytom. – We start law school, watch TV shows like Ally McBela or Now in Suits, and we wonder what our lives will be like. Then it turns out in university they teach us a theory which is useless then we go to a law firm where we work hard straight away the law firm expects qualifications but does not look at our personality† Today, hitting a mentor, master-student relationship is rare, so with my friends and colleagues we came up with an application – Piech explains.

The team consists of people from Silesia: Dagmara Księżyk-Ryczko, legal advisor to Ruda Śląska, her husband Wojciech Ryczko, programmer, Benedykt Dryl, solutions architect from Katowice, but also Katarzyna Kozińska, UX designer from Krakow, who joined the rest in Warsaw. How should the application work? – Above all analyzes market trends based on signals from open networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, scientific articles, EU directives and regulations, markets in Great Britain or Germany – explains Dagmara Księżyk-Ryczko. Because of this, for example, it can be noted that there will be a trend for the GDPR, or now whistleblowers, not seeing new lawyers and even applicants in the redundant work. The application collects signals from various sources to show market trends – useful for young lawyers in determining which competencies are needed to achieve success. It also indicates which training courses to take, books to read, etc. – We want to help a young lawyer choose the right career path, but most importantly, a similar application can be created for other professions too – concludes Benedykt Dryl.

Also We Are Ukrainians were on the podium, Legal look and lost

The jury awarded the second place to the We Are Ukraines team consisting of: Alla Yali, Natalia Hudkova, Serhii Hudkov. They focused on creating an application that helps find a professional lawyer in the event of a natural disaster or force majeure, such as the war in Ukraine. † The application also suggests how to collect documents, evidence of force majeure, depending on the individual situation, whether a citizen or an entrepreneur – explained Serhii Hudkov, thanking for the opportunity to participate in the Hackathon. – It was an unforgettable experience for us, but also an opportunity to exchange experiences – he added. As a reward they received 5,000 PLN.

This year the jury is exceptionally good awarded two-thirds, each with a prize of 3,000. zlotys. – We were not prepared for it, because we only have one check – joked Marcin Zręda, strategic director of the Legal Services and Enterprise Market at Wolters Kluwer Polska, who led the game from Friday to Sunday. Standing on stage together: Lost and Legal Look† The Lost has prepared the Timeline application, which displays the history of the case over time, helps to track the development and side threads, provides access to the case files, but it also integrates with the office management system. According to Marcin Kleina, this solution is very universal and can also be applied outside the legal world.

Legal Look focuses, as the name suggests, on: visual side of contracts, offers, legal documents† – Lawyers often do not pay attention to the appearance of documents, which is important. That’s why we created a word processor plugin that can help you solve the annoying problem of multi-level numerical lists, with the configuration of contracts and pleas, reports, memoranda. It allows you to achieve an immediate visual effect thanks to the use of icons created especially for lawyers. Readable documents? It’s possible with us – explains Łukasz Jarecki of the team.

A special award for Wolters Kluwer Polska

After the presentation of the main prize, the jury did not leave the stage. Krzysztof Wojdyła has announced that there is one more special prize† † This is an award for the best organizer of the best Legal Hackathon – He said. – From the first edition, it is an event that makes the Polish LegalTech better. Thank you very much for the consequences in the organization, commitment and ideas. I am sure that without this event the Polish LegalTech would have been worse – emphasized Wojdyło.

The participants also spoke very well about the event. – I’m here again and every time it’s great – says Yaroslaw Shmarov from Ukraine (development manager, already 6 years in Poland). – This year my team did not win, but I met a lot of nice people – he adds. Interestingly, like Kamila Kurkowska, he came with their pets, which did not bother anyone.

Also Katarzyna Łyszka, member of team no. 4 (No name), is very happy with the participation in the marathon. – We did not win, but during these three days I gained more experience, acquaintances and practical knowledge than in the years of my study. Mentors, but also judges, are top people who can provide good advice, constructive criticism, throw a lifeline and more. I am very happy with these three days – he says.

Regina Bondarenko, the head of Pravoman, is also satisfied with the participation in the Hackathon. – I am very happy to be both a mentor and a speaker. I’m glad I got to see the Ukrainian participants, as well as how Poles and Ukrainians are working together for the idea. It is also an opportunity to see the world through different eyes, through the eyes of an inventor. And while the Ukrainian market has similar problems to the Polish market, the way Ukrainian and Polish innovators think about solutions is completely different. In Ukraine, for example, we are more likely to market our own product and try to make it better than the competition. Polish innovators are looking for add-on-based solutions, so many teams have developed plugin-based ideas – says Regina Bondarenko, and the conversation with her will soon appear on

What is very important? ideas that arise over the course of three days do not go to the drawer† Mateusz Piech assures that the team made the decision on Friday to carry out the project even if it had not won. Prof. Szostak notes that this is the result of constructive discussions between lawyers, programmers and marketers.

– I am very happy that we are organizing our competition for the fifth time, because we are such a vehicle through which participants can create, test and then sell their idea. Some of the solutions born in previous editions have already been commercialized. We created the LEX Hub platform for them, where you can buy them – concluded Włodzimierz Albin, chairman of Wolters Kluwer Polska.

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