Fashionable espadrilles – these shoes were worn by our mothers, and now it’s our turn. The model launched by Spanish and French women is perfect for summer

Have you found the perfect summer shoes yet? We believe it is never too late for that. Fashionable espadrilles are one of the models that best fulfill this role. 4 different styles to choose from.

Timberlands were farm boots, Emu was worn by surfers and there are many more similar examples. Before a particular model entered everyday fashion, it often served a specific group first. Espadrilles is another example of this type. Typical canvas shoes with a jute or straw sole were the shoes of Catalan farmers. Their name espardenya comes from the type of esparto grass from which these soles were woven. Then they were worn not only in Spanish Catalonia, but also in the south of France. Their fate was quite unusual, as they even had their episode in the military, but in the end they ended up in the salons.

Espadrilles in a really fashionable version debuted as early as the 1940s. Models that should not only be practical, but also a real decoration of the outfit, could be bought in the boutique La Manual Alpargaterwhich originated from Barcelona then and, interestingly, still exists today. Interest in them grew not only at home. She promoted overseas Lauren Bacal† The actress appeared in espadrilles in the movie “Coral Island”. Their lovers were not only women. They also liked to wear them Salvador Dalic and Pablo Picasso† WHERE the espadrilles craze started in the 70s This time, however, not in Spain, but in France. All thanks to the idea of ​​one of the local designers. Yves Saint Laurent decided to cooperate with the manufacturer of such footwear, Lorenzo Castanerem† As a result, not the classic shoes, previously worn by farmers, have made their way to the catwalk, and their new version – fashionable espadrilles on the wedge. In the decades that followed, similar shoes enjoyed varying degrees of popularity. However, many people cannot imagine summer styling without it. You may remember them from your mom’s sets.

Classic espadrilles in a rather specific cover were reminiscent of a fashion house years ago Chanel† This French brand can mainly be associated with their version of contrast nose piece† Beige with a black finish is the most popular, but the selection doesn’t stop there. Similar models can be bought in many shoe stores today.

On the wave of their popularity, uniform espadrilles also returned. Light, airy and at the same time stylish summer shoes So you can easily find them in your favorite color or another color that is easy to match with things in your wardrobe.

wedge espadrilleslaunched by Yves Saint Laurent have not aged at all in the past 50 years. Despite the passage of time, they still have a huge fan base of female fans. Among them is, among others french it girl Jeanne Damas† If you are also a fan of wedge espadrilles, you will easily find your dream pair this season. The popularity of this type of heels, combined with the great interest in the string-covered soles, must have led to the revival of favors, including in pairs in which I perform in a duet.

Classic sandals they have a strong competitor this season. These are espadrilles in the version with straps that fasten at the ankle or with a ribbon to tie around the calf. Thanks to these kinds of styles, we get a different way to integrate fashionable espadrilles into your summer styles. If you still haven’t found the perfect model, then those that are an alternative to sandals may be a hit.

Sneakers are shoes that are popular at any time of the year. However, some models may not be comfortable to wear in the summer heat. Then you can go for their holiday alternative – espadrilles with laces† Models resembling sneakers with a sole covered with a string will not only be more airy, but also perfectly fit into the summery character of the outfit. There are many interesting offers in the shops.

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