Barycz Valley – what’s worth it?

Many of us, to discover interesting countries, go abroad, travel thousands of miles, fly by plane, buy expensive tickets, maps, guides. Unfortunately, we often forget that we live in a beautiful country that has many interesting places to offer. One of these is undoubtedly the Barycz Valley.

The full name of the area is the Barycz Valley Landscape Park; located in Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, between Żmigród and Przygodzice. The area of ​​the park is 87,040 ha. The Barycz Valley was established as a park on June 3, 1996. In the Barycz Valley we find fish ponds, as well as forests and wet meadows. The entire area of ​​the park is under strict protection, with particular emphasis on bird conservation. It is worth knowing about it when planning a trip to the Barycz Valley. In a landscape park we have special rules that have to do with respect for nature.

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Attractions of the Barycz Valley

The Barycz Valley will undoubtedly attract lovers of admiring Polish nature, it will interest people who want to relax, but also be active and people who do not like boredom! The infrastructure of the whole area (flat, green) can be impressive. The hiking trails themselves, which cover a total of 1,100 km, should encourage visitors. But it’s not all! The Barycz Valley is known for its cycling routes. Horse riding is an equally popular pastime offered by the region† Canoes – you can also use them to travel around the area on the Barycz River (canoe trips are organized here) The Barycz Valley also offers other activities: fishing, visiting the surrounding monuments and enjoying local, natural foods.

Barycz Valley – what’s worth it?

If we want to start our tour learning about the history of the region, we should go to the Museum of Fishing Tradition of the Milickie Ponds and Barycz Valley. The museum consists of two buildings. The first is the open-air museum in which: we can see fishing equipment and the Fisherman’s House where we will learn about the recent history of the Stawy Milickie Farm. Spectacular demonstrations of fishing techniques are also organized here. We will watch the presentations at a specially prepared pond and in the so-called scrubber building (there we will have the chance to see different species of freshwater fish). Let’s dwell on the Barycz Valley’s most precious treasure, which is fishing. Among them, the best bite, both in terms of catch and taste, is invariably the Milicz carp. It is worth visiting Gospodę 8 Ryb, because of the dishes served there from local products. As a guest of the Gospoda in Ruda Sułowska, we have the opportunity to taste different dishes with carp in the lead. Through this, we will learn how to prepare this underrated fish outside the Christmas season. In addition to carp, Ponds Milickie also farms catfish, sturgeon and other freshwater fish species.

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Special trips of father and daughter

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Barycz Valley – Attractions for Kids

The Barycz Valley is a country where children will certainly not be bored. They can use the playground or a specially equipped zoo, where children can watch and pet a goat, donkey, sheep, Polish horse and pony. We will also see a farm with chickens. In a place mainly associated with ponds, we can also walk through pine forests and beautiful beech forests. During our hiking tour, we must not forget to visit the nature reserve “Olszyny Niezgodzkie”. There we will have the opportunity to take a look at the natural alder swamp area, which is within reach of the Ługa River. We can also choose an alternative to reach these places by searching the internet under “Barycz Valley by bike”† However, the most interesting route for cyclists is, as those interested themselves say, a cycle path along the route of the former narrow-gauge railway in the Barycz Valley.

Barycz Valley – interesting places

In Naturum, the main building of the Barycz Valley (there is also an exclusive hotel for guests who come for a few days), a surprise awaits us – the path of the senses. Using our different senses, we come into direct contact with nature. The tactile, scent and sound atmospheres take us to forests and swamps and learn more about the fauna and flora of the area, incl. thanks to interactive boards on the trail.

What dominates the area known as the Barycz Valley? Water is the most important element of this area; all infrastructure is based on it. The ponds resemble natural reservoirs, separated by stripes of reeds, islands, shallow waters, etc. So it is with birds; we can see them in the photos, but they do not fully reflect the diversity for which the birds of the Barycz Valley are famous. You can take binoculars and observe the life of 300 different species in silence. The abundance of fish makes the valley an ideal place for birds to breed, rest and forage for food. There are 4 species of grebes (red-necked grebes, grebes, grebes and great-crested hawks), a multitude of species of ducks (even the rarest grebes), whooper and mute swans, cormorants, cranes, gray herons and many others. We don’t want this place to conjure up only obvious associations: Barycz Valley – hiking trails, Barycz Valley – cycling trails fish, birds, silence. Finally, let’s mention the surprising attraction. In Krośnice, you can take a ride through the park on the palace’s narrow-gauge railway, which goes along several routes. Interestingly, the wagons are pulled by a real locomotive, whose authenticity is proven by whistling steam and clouds of smoke.

Main photo source: Dziurek / Getty Images

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