7 caring steps to get your feet ready for summer

The summer dress is out of the closet and fashionable strappy sandals are waiting for you to put them on. But what about the feet? Not ready for summer yet? We’ve put together a list of grooming steps that will leave your feet as smooth and cared for as ever before.

The time of walking in covered shoes is passing inexorably – not counting our favorite sneakers, of course. When planning summer walks in light sandals and comfortable slippers, we often leave the pedicure at the last minute. To not only make your feet look beautiful on the beach sand, you can also treat them to a regenerating SPA that will renew the rough epidermis after the winter months.

Step 1: A soothing and relaxing bath

Are your feet tired and swollen after days of walking in covered shoes? It should bring relief bathe in lukewarm water with the addition of sea salt. It’s also a great way to soften the calloused skin on your heels. It is worth using sea salt with goat’s milk for this relaxing treatment the Hague† It included essential oils: orange, vanilla and pepper, which pleasantly warm the skin and stimulate blood circulation and also smell wonderful. Goat milk, in turn, is great for soothing, moisturizing and softening the skin. It will be bliss 15 minutes of relaxation

Step 2: Remove the rough skin

After taking a bath and softening the skin, proceed to the next step – remove thickened epidermis† There are many ways – you can use classic manual file on a wooden handle, like the one offered superpharma† It will definitely be more convenient though electronic file with interchangeable tips. If you are looking for such equipment, have a look at: beurer MP 59† Pay special attention during the procedure on the heelsbecause it is on them that usually the thickest layer of calloused, cracked epidermis forms. Important advice – remember not to use the grater too aggressively, the skin should not hurt after such a treatment!

Step 3: smoothing peeling

The next step on our list is a peel to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin. A classic salt scrublike that with melon and cucumber from mokosh† It also contains nourishing shea buttermoisturizing cucumber seed oilregenerate argan oil if vitamin E.† The novelty are peels from AHA acidslike lactic and glycolic acidthat work in the same way as cosmetics applied to the face – dissolve dead, calloused epidermis and stimulate it to renew. The most convenient form of this type of cosmetic is sa socks soaked in acid serum† You will find these in the range of the brand Patchology† Their exfoliating socks PoshPeel Pedicure in addition to the acids mentioned, they also contain anti-inflammatory substances grape fruit extractsoothing sweet orange fruit extract and bactericidal green tea leaf extract† Baby skin effect on the feet is guaranteed.

Step 4: Vitamin Oil

Betina GoldsteinChanel manicurist, she always applies a few drops after peeling essential oil with vitamin E.that supports skin regeneration. You can find this precious ingredient in multifunctional Stay Calm Oil from Annabelle Minerals† The formula also contains regenerating seed oil grapessoothing coconut oiltonic castor oil or nourishing avocado oil† Such concentrated ingredients will surely be a great treatment for your feet.

Step 5: nourishing cream

Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is the foundation of skin care, which is why they should be present on the feet as well. It is worth looking in creams for a strong moisturizing and emollient ureaantifungal aloesoothing allantoin and panthenolsupport regeneration vitamins A and E. and refreshing menthol† You can find such substances in regenerating foot cream ointment Foot Care Med + from Eveline† It contains urea, allantoin, panthenol and menthol, as well as an antiseptic eucalyptus oil and regenerate lavender oil† Its effectiveness is confirmed by Internet users: “After the first use I was happy. The manufacturer ensures that the product softens and nourishes rough skin, reduces dryness, softens cracked heels and delivers on every one of these promises. The cream-ointment absorbs quickly, has a fresh scent and leaves the skin feeling soft for a long time. I see a significant improvement in the appearance and condition of my feet. Finally I have found a product that works!” – writes the user with the pseudonym mala_miiii.

Step 6: color pedicure

The icing on this nourishing cake can be a colorful pedicure. Before you reach for the varnish though developing skins and file your nails† It is important that the nails are there straight trimmed† Then you reduce the chance of ingrowth. Then you can start painting. Traditional lacquer, especially if you occasionally wear closed shoes, can peel off quickly. Therefore it makes sense to use this hybrid† Good reviews are collected by brand varnishes handswhose formulas are richly pigmented and sufficiently compact. In the offer you will find 17 colors† How do internet users rate him?

“I paint my nails at home. Hands met my expectations – all 3 products: base, varnish and top are easy to distribute, they have comfortable brushes. The nail polishes are durable and have a beautiful color (I have become a fan of nude polishes). – Sylwia writes in the review. †The polish lasts a long time, doesn’t rub off and the color stays just as intense.” – says Agnieszka.

Hybrid pedicure: how to properly perform it at home? †

Step 7: A Refreshing Mist

If your feet sweat quickly in the summer, it’s worth taking advantage of products that refresh and reduce odors. One of those cosmetics is a light body mist The Ritual Of Hammam Hair & Body Mist Brand rituals† Contains antiseptic eucalyptus extract and regenerate rosemary extract† Plus, it smells delicious!

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