Worship of minimalism and nature. What is trendy in the interior?

In the coming months, the interior will be dominated by minimalism, worship of nature and the enjoyment of subdued colors.

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Adoration of minimalism, returning to nature, enjoying subdued colors, vibrant landscapes and artistic wallpaper – this is how you can describe in a few words what will happen in interior trends in the coming months.

Inspiration with nature is one of the main themes that are popular in interiors and invites us to slow down and discover beautiful, sustainable designs. Another year with a pandemic in the background made us look at the living space differently. We expect tranquility from the house or apartment. No wonder we care more and more about rest. We are more willing to choose subdued colors and handicrafts.

The man, plagued by the epidemic and digital life of recent years, fell into loneliness. Our sense of comfort has also been shaken, and the intensity and multifaceted nature with which we explore our apartments and houses have redefined these spaces. We are now looking for tranquility, peace and nature at home. As a result, the Japandi style and earth colors, as well as handmade ceramics and other handicrafts, are becoming increasingly popular – he explains Jan Sikoraowner of the studio Sikora Wnętrza i Architektura.
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For the love of nature

In this year’s interiors we will feel the call of nature, especially expressed in the materials. Wood, wool, marble, ceramics, glass or linen are just some of those that will forever remain in the most fashionable arrangements.

– This enjoyment of nature is reflected in a very wide range – from FSC-certified solid wood such as oak, walnut and ash to traceable leather, certified wool and recycled materials. From marble, concrete, ceramics, terracotta, glass and porcelain to linen, felt, French weave, hemp and cork – he lists Karolina Swirblinska-Rywelska from Tila.pl.

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All this in light, sandy or even milky colors. This color scheme guarantees relaxation and is a trend that returns from time to time.

– When it comes to shapes, we also see a return to soft, round shapes. The interiors are light, devoid of superfluous objects, but no coziness and warmth. Tapes made of rattan, bamboo and linen are still in trend – adds Karolina Żwirblińska-Rywelska.

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Artistic Wallpapers

We can also expect a continuation of the trend of using artistic wallpaper. The most fashionable wallpaper is no longer a background for equipment, but an element of decor that plays a main role.

– Artistic wallpapers can brighten up any room and give it a new look. They can be used in the bedroom as well as in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the office. They are moisture resistant and can even be installed in the shower, he says Piotr Chełkowski by Pasion Meble.
Interestingly, we don’t have to choose from the manufacturers’ proposals, but determine our own pattern.

– Thanks to the use of the latest computer techniques and a variety of non-woven textures, the wallpaper is tailored to the size of the wall and gives the impression of a fresco on the wall – adds Piotr Chełkowski.

In the context of architecture, it is worth emphasizing that revitalization has been a growing trend in Poland lately.

– More and more investors are looking for more difficult challenges than building concrete, and it turns out that Poland has a lot to do with this. It also has to do with the popularity of the loft style, which fits perfectly with post-industrial spaces and brick buildings, of which there are quite a few in Poland – adds Jan Sikora.

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