We are building smaller and smaller houses on smaller and smaller plots of land. Which projects do Poland choose?

In 2020 and 2021, the Poles chose House design in the range of 100 to 150 m2, according to a study conducted byeno.pl. Half of the respondents indicate that such ideas are desirable.

Popular designs of single-family homes – up to 150 m2

Not only the research of the advertising site confirms which house designs are chosen by Poland. This is also apparent from the data collected by Statistics Netherlands (GUS). In 2015, the average usable area of ​​a new-build single-family home was exactly 146.4 m2. In 2016 it was 145.8 m2 and in 2017-2019 it decreased from 145.1 m2 to 143.3 m2.

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Smaller houses, smaller plots of land

One factor that can influence the selection of increasingly smaller house designs in Poland is that investors buy smaller plots of land. Obviously, they do not allow the construction of a large facility intended for living.

Where in 2019 and 2020 every third Pole (32% of the respondents asked by Oferteo) opted for a plot with an area of ​​5 to 10 ares, this result was 6 percentage points higher in 2021.

Land ranging from 5 to 10 acres was chosen by 38 percent. of respondents, from 10 to 20 are – 31 percent At 56 percent. cases these were plots in rural areas or in small towns, up to 20 thousand. Residents.

Where are larger home designs popular?

If you take into account the popular house designs in Warsaw, you can clearly see that there the average usable area of ​​investments in the construction and commissioning of single-family homes in 2019 amounted to 194.1 m2.

In Olsztyn relatively large facilities were realized in the same year, where the average usable area of ​​new single-family investments was 188.2 m2. In Łódź it was 180.4 m2.

Where are the smallest houses built?

The Central Bureau of Statistics reports that in 2019 the smallest housing investments were made in Rybnik and Chełmno. There, the average usable area of ​​new single-family homes was 117.3 m2 and 110.7 m2 respectively.

By comparison, the smallest houses in the US, Australia or the Netherlands are houses “on wheels”ie mobile facilities with a maximum surface area of ​​20 m2.

The reasons for the popularity of small house projects

We build small houses on small plots that are easier to access and simply cheaper. The reason why such a trend in the execution of housing investments is visible is also the rising inflation. The prices of materials are drastically more expensive, so we opt for smaller facilities that can be built relatively cheaply.

Popular single-storey houses can be built inexpensively, in addition, the cost of heating such a building, especially with a simple form, will also be cheaper. The amount of available building land in Poland is decreasing and their prices are rising.

Many Poles cannot afford to buy a building plot and build a house for financial reasons – Mortgages are becoming more expensive due to the rising interest rates of the National Bank of Poland.

What are the most popular single-family home designs?

It is worth considering which houses are being built in Poland. We already know that they are small and will fit into smaller and smaller lots that we buy. However, what are the popular projects in our country?

The statistics show the design of a single-family house with a compact body and an uncomplicated gable roof. In 2019 the majority, namely 70 percent. of buildings that came into use, it was covered with such a roof. 14 percent of investors opted for a multi-hipped roof, and 16 percent. – an enclosing roof, single or flat roof.

Oferteo.pl, in turn, has provided information on the most popular house designs in Poland in 2020-2021. In the survey of the advertising website, respondents indicated that they prefer to build one-storey buildings with an attic. Every third respondent chose single-storey buildings, and only 1.4 percent. of the respondents built a house with more than two floors.

We also know that Poles have been faithful to their favorite technology for years. The most popular are brick houses, chosen by 76 percent. respondents. Every tenth investor chooses a wooden object built in the frame technology, the so-called Canadian.

Polish single-family housing market – predictions for the future

Provision of Opportunities Provisions construction of a single-family house with an area of ​​up to 70 m2 without the need for a building permit will most likely increase the popularity of small projects.

Rising inflation and more expensive loans may contribute to the increasing popularity of popular houses in Poland with a smaller surface area.

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