This summer game jacket is a model for all conditions! Durable, beautiful design, now for an attractive price

A top jacket for the summer should above all be comfortable, but the cut and design are also important. The fashion world is moving more and more boldly towards sports and takes a lot of inspiration from this industry. This season it is worth focusing on contrasting styles or universal classics. How can these gems be put together? Find out where the fashion for training forms comes from and which designers decided to use it in their summer collections.

A mountain jacket for summer, ie the renaissance of fashionable nylon

Fashion likes to repeat itself, which can be clearly seen on the shelves of chain stores† In the current trends we find a lot of inspiration from the 80s and 90s, which prove to be a hot topic in this industry. This was partly due to nylon, an iconic material used by sportswear brands. Back then, the top summer jacket in bright tones was very fashionable. Of course everyone knows the combination of purple, turquoise and white. Today we will discover countless similar styles on every store shelf. In addition, you can choose the whole tracksuit, which is at the same time an ideal alternative for casual styling. It is also worth noting the role of colors that can completely change the face of an outfit. All you have to do is go for a colorful mountain jacket for the summer, denim bells, restore sneakers, baguette and neon sunglasses. This gives you an extremely comfortable set, in line with all hot trends† It can not forget the most universal solutions. A top summer jacket in combination with a regular T-shirt, biker shorts and chunky footwear is the most comfortable and fashionable combination. Whose style should you be inspired by? Weronika Sowa, better known as Wersow, and Agata Sawicka do very well when it comes to style. Girls sensationally combine loose and fitted cuts for a feminine look.

Why does a summer top coat have to be practical?

Today, designers mainly focus on unusual design and comfortable shapes. Therefore, the summer jacket is an undeniable trend of the upcoming season. You should know that this design works not only on Instagram photos, but especially during physical activity. You can take it with you on your bike, in the mountains or even to an outdoor gym. Despite the days getting warmer, the weather often surprises us, so it’s worth having a light, handy and rainproof jacket with you for the summer in the mountains† By the way, if you are planning a vacation in the south of Poland, it is a must to have in your suitcase and it will be hard to do without such a gem. Now you will discover an amazing selection of colors, although all the pastels and neon are the most trendy. Are you looking for inspiration among strong women? Then see how the summer jacket is worn by Martyna Wojciechowska, Ewa Chodakowska or Anna Lewandowska. You will certainly not only find a feminine edition of trends, but also a dose of extra knowledge.

A long or short coat in the mountains for the summer?

The issue of the cut is extremely important and the selection of the right shape affects the styling effect. In this case, it is worth being guided primarily by the proportions of the figure. Don’t forget to highlight the biggest strengths. In addition, it is extremely important to emphasize the waist, which should always be emphasized, regardless of the figure. The perfect solution is of course a top summer jacket in the crop top option with a sewn-in elastic band. This model can be combined with, among other things, biker shorts, a bucket hat and a bag in Bottega Veneta style. However, you can go for raw Balenciaga style sneakers and a huge kidney from the same designer. However, there is a group of women who definitely prefer a longer jacket in the mountains for the summer. This cut, in turn, will be more practical for athletes and people who exercise. Nevertheless, you can still look fashionable and trendy accessories will suffice for that, such as chunky shoes, a small hat, striking handbags and jewelry with a chain motif.

How do you style a jacket in the mountains for summer?

This season, there are many new trends that have conquered all the catwalks, including pastel colors, neon, oversized cut, floral and silver. You will also find all these novelties for the summer top coat. Remember that a sporty look doesn’t have to be boring and doesn’t necessarily sacrifice comfort. Just put it side by side like Hailey Bieber does. The model only chooses neutral tones, but on the other hand, her wardrobe is full of original accessories. Therefore, she is a walking follower of a capsule wardrobe, which turns out to be a significant saving in the long run. Her top looks include a lightweight woven sports jacket, biker shorts, cropped top, black sunglasses, chunky sneakers and a high bun. This simple way gives it an optically slim figure, long legs to the sky and a universal and feminine look.

Another ideal source of inspiration is Kendall Jenner, a close friend of Hailey Bieber. This is another example of a model that is mainly connected to this world through love for original combinations. In this case, in addition to the timeless classics, we see unusual colors and references to the 90s. However, be moderate when it comes to colors and accessories, because this path quickly leads to kitsch. So try to break the pink top coat for the summer, with black sunglasses and white shoes. You will certainly quickly notice what this game is all about, where a sense of taste and intuition play a major role. Comfort is the decisive rule and the summer jacket is enriched with many amenities. It is mainly the function of absorbing moisture, water resistance and practical pockets. This means you don’t have to worry about your styling not protecting you enough against rain and sweat.

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