This nation has come to love 1 dollar houses. There is “little America” ​​in Sicily

In 2019, the Italian Sambuca di Sicilia put houses for sale for 1 euro to prevent depopulation. The program turned out to be a success, especially people from the United States were interested. The city is now called “Little America”.

  • Sambuca di Sicilia was the first Italian city whose authorities decided to put abandoned houses for sale for 1 euro
  • The action brought the city so much publicity that other buildings there started to sell, but at market prices
  • “Nearly 80 percent of those who became interested in our homes are Americans or people from the United States” – says deputy mayor of Giuseppe Cacioppo
  • Some of these Americans are interested in more than just decorating their vacation home
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Carefree living in a sleepy, sunny Italian town with picturesque streets like from the movie “Those days, those nights” sounds like a dolce vita dream come true. However, many Sicilians see nothing special in it and move to larger centers, which is caused by the bad economic situation and high unemployment. As a result, more and more abandoned houses are appearing in towns and villages in this region, and some are even in danger of depopulation.

Houses for 1 euro in Sambuca di Sicilia

Sambuca of Sicily

Photo: Shutterstock / Simone Padovani

To counter the problem, the authorities of the Sicilian city of Sambuca di Sicilia came up with a great idea in 2019: they decided to set up empty houses for 1 Euro, so about 4.5 PLN. The properties would go to those with the highest price. To participate in the program you also had to meet certain conditions. Those who decided to buy had to commit to renovating their houses within 3 years, which would be guaranteed by a deposit of 5,000 PLN. euros. The program turned out to be a success. Sambuca di Sicilia, with a population of less than 6,000, voted the most beautiful town in Italy in 2016, sold all 16 houses shown for 1 euro. There were many more interested people. The campaign brought the city so much publicity that more than 40 buildings were sold in a short time, but at market prices. That is why the authorities have decided to repeat the first project and put 10 houses for sale in 2021 with a starting price of 2 euros. This time, the city was inundated with hundreds of applications, eventually paying for buildings between 500 and 7,000. euros.

“Little America”

House for 1 euro in Sambuca di Sicilia

A house for 1 euro in Sambuca di Sicilia

Photo: Michele Bella / REDA & CO / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

As reported by CNN Travel, Sambuca di Sicilia acquired the reputation of “little America” ​​as a result of these actions.

“Nearly 80 percent of those who became interested in our homes and took part in the campaign were Americans or people from the United States,” said deputy mayor Giuseppe Cacioppo in an interview with CNN’s travel department.

The website also writes that some of these Americans are interested in something more than furnishing vacation homes there. For example, businessman David Waters wants to launch a crowdfunding campaign to renovate two buildings where the company’s supporters can later live, and eventually even win them in a competition. Some of the money obtained in this way should also be used to improve the infrastructure of the city i.e. roads and the park. Another more committed investment is planned by Brigitte Dufour, who wants to allocate one of the properties purchased to artists from various crises. The space is intended to serve as a residence, where you can take a break from the harsh environment and pressures of the native countries, and be inspired by the beauty of the Italian city.

House renovation for 1 euro

However, anyone interested in 1 Euro houses and other cheap Italian real estate should bear in mind that their condition is often deplorable. According to the calculations of the Business Insider website, repairs should cost an average of 60 thousand euros. hole. More about this in the video below.

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