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There are many questions in us, and also answers on the Internet, but not all of them are true, correct or contain a complete explanation. Sebastian Wasilewski and his team decided to review the most common “questions” entered into search engines and answer them honestly. He asked scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology for support.

– The Technical University of Gdańsk is our scientific co-producer. I applied to her with my original idea to create such a portal – explains Sebastian Wasilewski, creator of “Why?”. – We wanted to answer the questions on the Internet in a completely different way. If people are interested in something: are the ratings pointless, why are prices rising, why footballers earn so much, then you have to answer that with science and data – he adds.

The Technical University of Gdańsk voluntarily joined the project. There were many conversations and meetings with professors, PhD students and university staff, leading to the creation of 8 episodes of the “Why?” Program. Nine academics from the university are guides to the first issues.

The judgments are meaningless – truth and honesty

Why? it mainly focuses on truth and honesty. His first question is: do school grades make sense? – This first question is very important. Young people to whom this series is dedicated are looking for answers to them – he says Joanna Mytnik of the Center for Modern Education of the Technical University of Gdańsk. – Young people often ask about the feeling of assessment in schools. They find these judgments nonsensical, and this is confirmed by the results of scientific studies. We want to speak out about it. School grades don’t make sense, made school today to get them, not to learn. We explain why the numbers are wrong and what needs to be done at school – she adds.

The expert emphasizes that numbers on any scale, be it 2-5 or 1-6, or AF, are motivational not to learn, but to choose a strategy to avoid punishment. This is a game, a race. – Reviews motivate students to cheat the system, say what the teacher expects. On the other hand, the teacher gets the instrument of power, the scientist notes. – Through grades, school is not a place for creativity, learning, understanding the world, gaining knowledge or communicating. Evaluations make us lose what is most important – he adds.

12:42 thursday sun 06/03/2022.mp3 What is the “Why?” project? and why school grades don’t make sense (Best Day of the Week / Celebrate)

The search engine is not enough

Questions typed into search engines will return an infinite number of results. Sebastian Wasilewski wants to bring these things that we live on the internet into reality. – In fact, we find real answers – emphasizes the guest of the Four.

The second episode of the program “Why?” will be devoted to finance and sports. – dr. Krystian Zawadzki is a pioneer in research into non-monetary gains from sports. He was the first to estimate how the values ​​associated with national pride, community spirit, inspiration and motivation that come from organizing a sports tournament can be monetized. He examined it on the example of Euro 2012. He calculated the profit at 5 billion zlotys – says the guest of Szymon Jaworski and Gosia Jakubowska. – dr. Zawadzki will answer in our series on the merits of football players. There will be a specific, clear answer and it will be explained scientifically – he adds.

All Episodes of “Why?” undergo a scientific consultation process. The guests of the Four especially emphasize their role in today’s world full of fake news and guesswork.

WHY – a brand new program / Why

Program title: “Best Day of the Week”

Leader: Małgorzata Jakubowska and Szymon Jaworski

Guests: Sebastian Wasilewski (initiator of the “Why?” Project), Joanna Mytnik (Center for Modern Education at the Technical University of Gdańsk)

Release date: June 3, 2022

Time of broadcast: 8.16


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