The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage organizes the Natura 2000 system in 2023

In 2023, the process of reorganizing the Natura 2000 system will be completed. for the issuance of the missing legal acts and the correct inventory of the areas covered by Natura 2000 – announced on Wednesday in the Sejm Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Małgorzata Golińska.

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Climate and Environment (MKiŚ) Małgorzata Golińska, during the session of the Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry on Wednesday, assessed that “we are on track to complete the process of issuing regulations by 2023 for more than 800 areas subject to the Natura 2000 protection obligation“. As she assured, just in the case of”We are at a small advanced stage in a few dozen areasNot everything depends on the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as the scheme is signed in consultation with other ministries. Although it will take a lot of time, I am convinced that we will stick to the schedule and in 2023 this European Commission infringement procedure against Poland will be closed – she inquired.

She emphasized that it was not about issuing a legal act itself, but about doing backlogs and detailing data for previous plans of protection tasks, which were questioned by the European Commission as not sufficiently detailed, leading, among other things, to have been carried out without the Natura 2000 inventory. Golińska recalled that the 2004 draft Natura 2000 list was based on archival documentation and not on what was actually “on site”.

In December 2004, the Ecological Coalition presented the so-called “shade frame – Natura 2000 “† The document was registered as a complaint under which the European Commission accused Poland that the list of Natura 2000 sites is incomplete. † Today we are undergoing verification that many of the areas on the “shadow list” are a bit removed from the ceiling and should not be included in Natura 2000 – emphasized the deputy minister. † In the years that followed, we continuously supplemented the Polish lists (…) In 2015, the European Commission started a verification procedure under EU Pilot. Poland has committed to present Natura 2000 sites with reference to certain habitats and species. However, the EC was of the opinion that the list was incomplete. In July 2019, the European Commission called on Poland to complete it – emphasizes the minister.

She added that “in January 2020 it was proposed to increase 7 Natura 2000 sites and create 14 new ones “† We currently have 999 Natura 2000 areas, covering 20 percent. country area. 50 percent in forest areas and 25 percent. agriculture – called the minister.

She also recalled that the European Commission launched an infringement procedure in June 2021 and called for the infringements to be lifted. The ministry responded to the allegations and the timetable for issuing the ordinances. † I strive to protect what needs to be protected. If we do not find a habitat in an area, we will not create areas. For example, we have a dialogue with the European Commission and I am glad that we find understanding. I believe that delineating or enlarging these areas will allow us to close the issue of Natura 2000, and the timetable for issuing overdue regulations until 2023 will allow us to eliminate backlogs and errors and show that we have a positive approach to the subject – Golińska.

Financial support for municipalities

During the committee meeting, the deputies asked for financial support for municipalities that have Natura 2000 areas on their territory. I am open to discussion when the results are presented that municipalities that have Natura 200O areas are missing out on this. Other EU financial perspectives lie ahead. We can discuss how to approach this topic. I count on the support of members and discussion in developing the details – assured the deputy head of the Ministry of the Environment. (DAD)

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