The draft amendment to the Health Care Wages Act returns to committee

The draft amendment to the law on the minimum wage in healthcare was referred to the committee again on Wednesday because of the amendments submitted. During the parliamentary debate, the majority of political groups expressed their support for the proposed changes.

On Wednesday, the Sejm debated the amendment to the law on the method for determining the minimum base salary of certain employees of health care facilities. In connection with the proposed changes, the draft amendment has been referred to the Health Committee. The committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday.

The minimum base salary increases planned from July 2022 will be PLN 2009 for first-degree specialists (increase from PLN 6201 to PLN 8210), and for second-degree specialists – PLN 1,441 (increase from PLN 6,769 to PLN 8,210) . The lowest basic salary for medical teachers and medical technicians with secondary education is increased by 1097 PLN (an increase from 3,772 PLN to 4,870 PLN).

The lowest base salary for paramedics and nurses with a secondary education is increased by PLN 1,550 (an increase from PLN 3,772 to PLN 5,323), masters of nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacists and laboratory diagnoses, specialized by PLN 1,827 (an increase from PLN 5,478 to PLN 7.304).

In the discussion, Czesław Hoc (PiS) emphasized that the proposal is an expression of respect and gratitude for health professionals. The project is – as he said – “a breakthrough and of making history in raising the minimum wage”. He indicated that this is a generational act, which raises the prestige of physicians and encourages them to work in health care and return to the profession.

“Let’s call on the youth: it’s worth being a doctor,” he added.

Hoc ruled that the draft amendment is a “healthy compromise” despite several controversial issues. He also announced that he would propose a change to host the recommendation of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariffs chairperson.

KO MP Elżbieta Gelert pointed out that with the galloping inflation the expectations of all health professionals are and will be high. Among the objections to the draft, she cited “the flattening of the wages of specialist physicians”. “The increase in the coefficient by less than a tenth, this is a significant difference from the increases for other groups of masters with specialization” – she noted.

The deputy stated that, despite the comments, the KO club sees the need to adopt these solutions in order to protect healthcare staff against inflation. At the same time, it announced the introduction of an amendment according to which “pharmaceutical technicians will be treated in the same way as electroradiology technicians”.

The Left has also announced that it will table amendments to the draft. MP Marcelina Zawisza justified the inclusion of provisions in the law to protect doctors against abuse.

“The left will support this law and appreciate the changes aimed at increasing health worker salaries, but we can do it better, more wisely, not to expose workers to unnecessary inconvenience related to, whether it be degradation , or the addition of additional tasks in a situation where they earn money “- said Zawisza.

Radosław Lubczyk of the Polish coalition also expressed support for the proposed solutions. He pointed out that the health service is struggling with many problems, including: overcrowded hospitals and a shortage of doctors. He stressed that the idea of ​​pay rises for medics is good and necessary. At the same time, the deputy asked about the source of funding for these changes, as they will come into effect on July 1.

On the other hand, Janusz Korwin-Mikke (Confederation) ruled that the proposed changes were made at the taxpayer’s expense. “The taxpayer will pay for all of this, and then he’s surprised why gasoline prices are rising, prices in stores and where there is inflation. That’s because it deals with the postulates of professional groups, and not with the taxpayer and the patient’, he says.

Wojciech Maksymowicz (with Poland in 2050) pointed out that inflation will put government spending on health care at less than 5 percent this year. GDP. He announced the tabling of amendments that include “They will make the rise in health care spending real”.

Deputy Health Minister Piotr Bromber also took the floor during the discussion and said that an additional PLN 7.2 billion had been earmarked for the salary increase. “This applies to medical and non-medical workers, the core business, ie those workers involved in the provision of benefits,” explains Bromber.

He argued that this act is intended to show young people a specific perspective. “You study, you complete your master’s degree, you do a specialization – you have the prospect of working and developing your profession” – emphasized the state secretary. He thanked the clubs for their support for the proposed changes.

The draft amendment proposes to link the principles of remuneration of non-core staff, laid down in an agreement or regulation, to the average increase in salary in a particular medical entity, in such a way that the remuneration of these persons corresponds to the average increase in compensation in a particular entity over a specified period.

The Ministry of Health estimates that the planned increases from July 2022 will affect a group of approximately 460 thousand people. professional healthcare professionals.

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