The best holiday destinations in Italy

Vacation is a time of unforgettable experiences and adventures, but it is also a time when we can relax and recharge with positive energy, even for a moment. However, it turns out that not everyone will be able to plan the perfect trip for the months characterized by the highest possible temperatures. Some of us will have to be content with the holidays that fall in the season when our country is harsh winter. Nevertheless, whether we travel in summer or winter, there are places where we will not be short of attractions, as well as active forms of vacation. It turns out that sunny Italy has been the most popular destination for Polish tourists for many seasons. So what are the best holiday destinations in Italy?

Holidays in Sicily – that’s relaxation in the shadow of the volcano Etna

Talk about holiday in Italy , do not miss the unusual and picturesque island of Sicily. It is one of the largest Italian islands where we can rest in the shadow of the majestic volcano Etna. It will undoubtedly make the biggest impression on tourists from all over the world, and besides, a trip to the top will be a good test of fitness and stamina. What’s more, probably no one traveling to Sicily should miss historic Palermo, which brings together different architectural styles, as well as majestic buildings from different eras.

This Sicilian metropolis is also a kind of entertainment center, as there are many restaurants, clubs and bars that are open late into the night. For those travelers who want to get acquainted with the history and mystery of Sicily, the city of Syracuse should not be missed. You won’t find one main attraction, because the whole city is one big attraction. For example, the Catacombs of St. John and the Archaeological Park, not forgetting the historic old town. Without a doubt, Sicily still has many attractions waiting for travelers. Holidays in Sicily are one of the best.

Holidays in Sardinia – a holiday surrounded by beautiful beaches

Another place that seems to be perfect for a holiday in Italy is the second largest island, ie Sardinia † It is best known for its picturesque beaches and crystal clear and calm sea water. While there, do not miss the capital Cagliari, which has many monuments, and you will also find the most popular beaches there. For tourists looking for a luxury holiday in a fairly quiet seaside resort, the Costa Rei coast is also recommended, which is considered one of the most beautiful areas of the island. Another very interesting place is the town of Iglesias, which is characterized not only by a beautiful historic old town, but also by less crowded and quieter beaches such as Cala Domestica. You should not forget the city of Olbia, because you will find a real cluster of historic and historic buildings, which will be appreciated by architecture enthusiasts. Holidays in Sardinia can be an unforgettable adventure.

Holidays in Tuscany – the most beautiful region of Italy

Holidays in Italy cannot be considered complete without a visit to the most beautiful region of the country TuscanyYou could say that this region is the quintessence of all of Italy at its best. Lovers of the sun and good weather should definitely go to Chianti, Val d’Orcia or Crete Senesi, these are quiet and sunny provinces, where you can find not only historical monuments and thermal springs, but also great vineyards where local wine is produced. You cannot miss Florence, a typical historical city with many monuments and attractions prepared for tourists. The second city of the region is Siena, where different architectural styles are intertwined, referring to specific eras and events in the history of Italy. Tourists who focus on lazy holidays will find many beautiful beaches in Tuscany, and those who prefer more active forms of leisure can take a bike ride, because in Tuscany you will find many specially groomed trails and marked trails. Holidays in this part of Italy will undoubtedly be a perfect combination of blissful laziness and intense sightseeing.

In the winter to Italy? Skiing in Italy is the perfect solution

We have already mentioned that not everyone is lucky enough to plan their vacation for a hot summer. However, anyone who has free time in the winter or has planned a short trip for this period can certainly choose Italy as the best place to practice winter sports. Skiing in Italy , mainly in the north of the country, are extremely popular and are one of the biggest attractions. In winter, resorts such as Livigno, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme offer ideal conditions for this type of winter sports. In addition, the routes for skiers are well prepared and classified according to difficulty. On the slopes in Italian ski resorts, you can taste the white madness as much as you want and spend your winter holiday actively.

Road trips through Italy

An ideal alternative for thrill-seeking tourists are road trips for holidays in Italy. They are organized by travel agencies, but nothing prevents you from organizing such a trip on your own. In addition, motorhome trips to Italy are becoming more and more popular, stopping anywhere in the picturesque campsites, which are plentiful in Italy. So if you are looking for an idea for a holiday in Italy, in which you can visit everything that is the main symbol of Italy and the shop window of this country, it is worth taking a trip from the north to the south coast and enjoy the sunny weather as well as the wealth of monuments and admire the diversity of each region. A road trip through such a hospitable and amazing country, full of contrasts and stories, will surely be your best memory.

Accommodation prices in Italian regions, mostly chosen by tourists

Tourists planning their next vacation in Italy or preparing for a winter trip undoubtedly wonder how the prices of accommodation in the best Italian holiday destinations are formed. Well, everything depends primarily on whether we decide to stay in popular cities or maybe smaller ones. Italy is not one of the cheapest holiday countries, but that does not mean that it will put a significant strain on our budget.

So let’s start with Sicily. What are the prices of the accommodation there? Of course, the most expensive will be in Palermo – besieged by travelers, the island’s capital. If we settle for a lower class accommodation, we will have to pay about PLN 250 per night, but prices in facilities marked with five or four stars start from PLN 400 per night. In smaller towns on the island you can stay overnight for PLN 80 per night per person.

The next destination will be Sardinia and again, one can say that the most expensive will be in the capital of the island of Cagliari, as well as in Olbi or Sassari, not to mention the luxurious resort of Costa Rei. There the accommodation prices start from 300 or even 500 PLN per night. However, in smaller towns we can stay overnight for only PLN 150 per night, per person.

Let’s move on to the already mentioned Tuscany. Accommodation prices in this region of Italy vary wildly. However, the most expensive accommodation can be found in Florence or Siena, where we have to pay up to 300 PLN per night in a decent standard hotel. Nevertheless, most luxury facilities offer accommodation for a minimum of PLN 500 per night per person. However, if we opt for hotels of a slightly lower standard and in smaller towns, we can easily find good accommodation offers at prices from as little as PLN 200 per night per person.

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