Summer 2022 in Katowice – water playgrounds are already open

The weather is the only obstacle that can prevent Katowice kids from jumping under water jets and fountains. As of today, June 1, the youngest residents of Katowice can use the water playgrounds. The outdoor pools will also be ready in June.

I am very happy that the youngest inhabitants of our city can use the water playgrounds again. I hope that, as every year, they will have a lot of fun at the water games. The great interest of children and their parents in these places is the best proof that such an infrastructure was necessary – say Marcin Krupas, mayor of Katowice. † On the other hand, the outdoor pools will be launched continuously so that they can be used in June – adds the chairman.

Today, after minor repairs, completion of conservation works and carrying out the necessary water analyses, the Katowice MOSiR has launched 4 attractions for the youngest. Water Playgrounds waiting for their amateurs on ash. Rebirth at ul. Ladybirdash. Tysiąclecia in the area of ​​ul. Ułańska and ul. Jadwiga Slaska and at the entrance of ul. Pulaski to the Valley of the Three Ponds† One is also on site Youth Cultural Center at ul. Gliwicka 224† Access to the playgrounds is possible from 9 am to 8 pm and it is free† Experiences and presence from previous years prove that these places are ideal for spending free time on hot days, both for Katowice children and their carers.

Swimming pools ready for your vacation

At the moment, MOSiR employees are intensively preparing for the launch of open swimming pools. The services of the pool’s engine rooms have already been completed, while the maintenance works on the attractions and sunbathing are still in progress. The basins in both pools have been repainted. In order for the pool to work after the winter break, you have to fill it with water, which is not an easy task. Filling the basins on the Bugla takes 10 days and this can only be done at night so that the residents of nearby houses do not experience severe drops in water pressure in the taps. Filling the pool at ul. Rolna is shorter, because it is 5 days and will start on Thursday. According to the plan, this pool will open to residents on June 18, while the Bugla pool will be available from June 24.

– Starting up municipal swimming pools is a big undertaking. The technical preparation of the pool itself requires a lot of hydraulic and typical construction works, and in total it takes almost a month. In addition, the facilities should always be cleaned and more thoroughly renovated once every few seasons. Refilling with water, while very effective, is just a dot on the i. Another very difficult point is the organizational preparation of the service and the completion of a team of rescue workers – say Daniel Mucdirector of the Katowice MOSiR. – The swimming pools are available until the end of August, while the water playgrounds are available longer in good weather – adds the director of MOSiR . please


Currently, the MOSiR rescue team already consists of 35 people, but more is being sought. Working in outdoor pools, unlike their indoor counterparts, is a seasonal activity and you must assemble a new team for each annual opening.

We would like to remind you that Katowice Resident Card holders can, among other things, use city swimming pools at reduced prices compared to standard prices. Price lists and information on the opening times of the pools are available on the MOSiR website in the tabs of individual facilities:

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