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Intuitive city

– Stockholm offers itself to us because it is a city for people – emphasizes Aldona Hartwińska, author of the blog about Sweden – Public transport with a boat included in the city ticket, facilities for the disabled, intuitively developed space where tourists can immediately find themselves. I could list it for so long, because Stockholm lends itself to life right away.

“You don’t look through other people’s windows here”

According to the journalist of the Four, Martyna Matwiejuk, Sweden is first and foremost a country of people who value freedom and independence† Many historians and sociologists believe that the way Sweden functions today is strongly related to the fact that the feudal system was never written on the pages of Swedish history. – No one on the street talks to people, and the bus will not sit next to us if there are other vacancies. Swedes are by nature like this: they value personal space, do not like to touch each other and are not in the habit of looking into other people’s windows – says the guest of the Four. – Some people think that Swedes are duplicitous and tend to talk, but in my experience they are just themselves. As long as their freedom does not limit the freedom of another, they can do whatever they want. This also applies to the elderly. If someone at age 60 decides that his current life is not enough for him, he will go to university and change jobs, instead of closing home and being retired. You don’t have to be a world champion at what you do, but it’s important that you do it.

Södermalm like Redeemer Square

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden, a country in northern Europe. It was founded in 1252 by Birger Jarl, but was given city rights just over two hundred years later. Stockholm is the main political, economic and cultural center of the country, it is the seat of the Swedish parliament and the local royal family. – Södermalm has long been the hipster district of the city, but to find out more about it, you need to know where to go. The main artery of Södermalm is no different from other cities, this ‘hipster’ character is hidden on the sidelines, says Aldona Hartwińska. – But Södermalm is also home to Stockholm’s oldest buildings: old wooden huts stand amid bustling cafes, clubs and shops.

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Fotografiska – a gallery like no other

It is located in this city about 70 museums, of which Vasamuseet. the most visited is – Vasa Ship Museum and Skansen, both located on Djurgården, one of the islands of Stockholm. The main monuments and attractions of the city are also: Kungliga Slottet, ie the Royal Palace, Storkyrkan – the local cathedral, Riddarhuset, ie the House of Knights and Nobility, and also the Stadshuset, ie the Town Hall. Stockholm is also home to the longest art gallery – the local metro. The city is also home to the most photogenic library and the remains of Alfred Nobel’s nitroglycerin factory. – In the capital of Sweden I found the most beautiful photo gallery I’ve ever been to. This is Fotografiska, which is located in the brick building of the former customs office – says the author of the broadcast. – The success of a private museum is so great that the gallery opens its seats all over the world. He is already in New York, soon he will appear in Berlin, he will also visit Shanghai. The founders of this gallery are visionaries who think carefully about the recipient. The branches are open until 23:00. they present several exhibitions at once and also offer beautifully edited albums about art.


17:41 THE FOUR OF THE LIGHTS OF THE CITY – STOCKHOLM 21.05.2022.mp3 Stockholm. What is worth seeing in this city? (Big City Lights / Four)

Program title: “Great City Lights”

Leads: Martyna Matwiejuk

GuestAldona Hartwińska (author of the blog about Sweden and online Swedish language courses)

Release date: May 21, 2022

Time of broadcast: 10.13


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