Scandinavia’s favorite summer trends. These 6 items can be found in the wardrobes of the most stylish residents of Copenhagen and Stockholm

What do Scandinavian women wear when it gets really hot? In search of answers, we analyzed the Instagram profiles of the most popular it girls. 6 things are repeated very often. These are the Scandinavian favorites for summer 2022

Gone are the days when Scandinavian style equated to minimalist shapes and subdued colors. Thank you to the most stylish women in Stockholm and Copenhagen for bringing more color (literally!). And a little crazy too. So anything that works best in the summer. It is the Scandinavians who should be trusted in terms of the most popular summer trends. And coincidentally, 6 things are particularly popular this season. Scandinavian favorites for summer 2022 soon you will see everywhere! We have no doubts, because they are not only effective, but also very comfortable. After all, even in the most refined styling, Scandinavians have to get on the bike. And that’s one of the reasons we love them. As for the weakness for original combinations, successful experiments with proportions (usually selected on the basis of contrast) and the timeless nature of the clothes they choose. By focusing on high quality, among other things. It is really worth following their lead.

One of the biggest surprises on my trip to Copenhagen? That flip flops work so well in urban conditions. And they go well with countless styles – including work styles. Scandinavian women wear them with jeans (preferably with wide legs), as well as pastel colored suits or elegant dresses, and they especially love Havaianas. Even in really crazy colors (which often complement their understated stylization). This summer, however, they are replacing classic pool slippers with platform soles, often in an elegant version. This is already happening. Chunky-soled flip flops – in an energetic green color – are worn by Emili Sindlev, among others.

Also Influencerka liked another trend for the summer of 2022. More specifically – cargo skirts – military style, khaki color or camouflage pattern and characteristic spacious pockets on the sides (main photo). It is not alone in this. Skirts, as well as cargo-style pants that bounced back on the wave of sentiment in 2000s fashion, are also worn by other Scandinavian women. And not alone. Harel also has warm emotions towards them, which does not hide that they may not be the prettiest, but they have something to do with it. It is also impossible to deny them comfort.

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to pair cargo pants or skirts, the Scandinavians have the answer too. Tanktop is a handy and timeless solution. Knitted sleeveless T-shirts – preferably striped – are even worn by stars: Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Hailey Bieber. How to do it so it’s not trivial – check out our 4 styling ideas starring a tank top.

During the summer edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week, one of the most chosen outfits of girls from the fashion industry was oversized dresses – voluminous, flared down, finished with a spectacular flounce at the bottom or with equally impressive puff sleeves. Maksi, but also short – about to the middle of the thigh. The Scandinavians aim for the maximum. Do you want to know how to cycle in such a dress? We also know the answer to this question – here’s a trick to keep the dress from getting caught in the spokes.

Scandinavia’s favorite trends for summer 2022 also include high-waisted wide trousers† Speaking of holiday trends – made of airy fabrics, such as linen (but not only). They can be in a subdued, gritty shade or crazier – in an intense or pastel color, or in patterns – vertical stripes for example.

ps. They also look great paired with the tank top.

Among the favorite summer trends of Scandinavians you will also find sets† With the arrival of warmer days, women’s suits in pastel shades from Stockholm or Copenhagen turn into suits with a midi skirt or sets consisting of loose pants or a midi skirt and a short top. Knitted sets, which we all liked during the pandemic, are also popular.

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