Revenge travel – a new fashion among tourists. What is it about? Contrary to what it seems, it is not a negative phenomenon

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The so-called a journey of revenge which means returning to beloved places or discovering new places of interest after a long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. What exactly is the idea behind such trips?

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Journey in revenge – an interesting phenomenon after the pandemic

More countries are opening their doors after a long period of pandemic. A new term has emerged on social media, describing delayed and highly anticipated trips. Deadline a journey of revenge appears more and more often and arouses much interest.

While “revenge” generally evokes negative associations, in this case it is about retaliation against the pandemic and the virus itself, which thwarted plans and completely changed the image of the trips. Rather, the idea of ​​traveling in revenge emphasizes the love of discovering new places, visiting and exploring the world after a long break. It is worth emphasizing that for many the holiday was postponed by two years. For this reason, some people may spend more on travel in 2022 than in the past. Since 2020, some have managed to save on vacations so that they can now afford a more elegant hotel, a more luxurious destination or a first-class ticket.

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Travel in revenge, i.e. travel after a pandemic

Vaccines and a calmer epidemiological situation allow you to enjoy travelling, sightseeing and making up for lost time. Many people are planning to spend their holidays abroad in 2022. Even high prices won’t stop you from embarking on a long-delayed journey, as we mentioned in the article: Vacations in 2022 Are Record-Breaking. It will only get worse. Head of TUI Poland: Prices up to 25 percent higher. But how does this apply to revenge travel?

Traveling for revenge is a buzzword created in 2021, when the world started to reopen and people decided to make up for lost time

— Erika Richter, vice president of the American Society of Travel Advisors, said in an interview with CNN.

However, it can be difficult to travel in revenge – there are still some places in the world that are struggling with a pandemic and there are restrictions in place. Many of them remain tightly controlled or even closed to foreign visitors, such as Shanghai. However, Richter points out that the revenge journey:

It’s another way of saying, “Hey, life is short. I want to book this trip. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to connect with humanity and nature. I want to discover the world and experience seek that I feel I am alive.”

Changes to travel after the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has forced the world to make many changes, not just with regard to travel. Some employers convinced themselves to work remotely, which still works in some places despite the removal of restrictions. Thanks to this work model, more and more people can do their work anywhere in the world, which gives them completely new opportunities.

The quest for revenge takes on a new meaning. Some places openly ask for remote workers. Caribbean islands such as Barbados and Anguilla offered visas specifically for home workers or “digital nomads” as their way of increasing tourism in the country. A similar situation can be seen in Italy, where many Americans, tempted by an attractive offer, buy houses for 1 euro and work remotely from picturesque towns, supporting the local economy.

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