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Tourism in the age of the coronavirus: holidays in Poland are becoming popular again!

The situation hoteliers and restaurateurs find themselves in today is the most difficult in decades. In March 99% of reservations in Polish hotels were canceled and in April 70-80%. Fortunately, this trend has been reversed since the government’s introduction of the next stage of economic thawing – according to the latest Profitroom survey, as many as 90% of Poles declare that they will spend the holidays in the country this year despite the threat of the coronavirus. The pandemic motivated hoteliers and restaurateurs to introduce strict safety standards, and the best proof of their effectiveness is Poland’s massive reservations for vacation trips from the sea to the Tatra Mountains.

Once the most chosen foreign tourist destinations, such as Egypt, Greece or Italy, they give way to seaside resorts, charming places in Masuria or other places in the middle of the forest wilderness. Polish holidays are regaining popularity and, according to the predictions, many tourist places on the map of Poland will experience a real siege. This year, the Poles will concentrate more than ever on resting in remote places and going to facilities that best meet the test to guarantee the highest principles of hygiene, disinfection and adaptation of the infrastructure to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. The facilities located in the vicinity of lakes and Masurian nature – Kurort Kameralny and Stare Sady Port & Chillout – fit best into this healthy concept of tranquility.

Kameralny Resort – an enclave of peace in the bustling capital of Masuria

The Kameralny Resort is a hotel and restaurant complex on the Promenade of Lake Mikołajskie, which is distinguished by beautiful design, extensive infrastructure and proximity to nature. The luxurious rooms and suites are equipped to the standard of a 4-star hotel. Enjoying your morning coffee at sunrise in the apartment overlooking the picturesque Mikołajskie Lake is an experience that guests will not long forget. The rooms combine traditional Masurian architecture with modern industrial elements, ensuring maximum comfort and the highest level of aesthetics. In the era of a pandemic, guest safety was ensured – the rooms have separate entrances and the facility has a small number of common communication routes, minimizing contact with others.

The owners of the Kameralny Resort have created a facility to offer guests a first-class vacation, complemented by the opportunity to get in touch with the Masurian nature. The jewel of the Kameralny Resort is a beautiful garden with a relaxation area, which offers ample opportunities to rest on sun loungers and hammocks overlooking the yachts that lazily move along the surface of the lake.

Recreation in the complex in the style of slow life also offers unusual taste sensations, which we will experience in the restaurant “Knife in the water”, serving slow food dishes. The restaurant’s name is inspired by Roman Polański’s cult film set in Masuria and is arranged in a style reminiscent of the cinematography of the 1960s.

Stare Sady Port & Chillout – the essence of relaxation in the landscape of the Masurian countryside

Stare Sady Port & Chillout “Pod Jabłonami” is an atmospheric facility on Lake Tałty, where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the surroundings of the Masurian countryside. The beautiful harbour, green areas with sun loungers and hammocks under apple trees and the untouched nature of Masuria, far from busy routes, are a real Mecca for guests seeking the essence of relaxation in a slow lifestyle. Stare Sady Port & Chillout is a place full of harmony and tranquility. There are apartments and rooms that combine summer colors with Scandinavian design, which have the necessary equipment and the highest standard.

In the restaurant “Pod Jabłonami” with a huge terrace and a view of the lake, original dishes are served based on fresh and seasonal products. The picturesque facility has a marina where you can pick up a yacht for charter, dock with your own sailboat or motorboat.

The complex is only 6 kilometers from Mikołajki, which means that we can return to the city at any time and take advantage of the whole range of attractions hidden in it.

The highest standards guaranteeing safe rest

“At our two facilities – the Chamber Resort and the Port of Stare Sady, we have implemented restrictive disinfection rules, including ozonization of the room after each guest and disinfection of tables in restaurants. We have made available a small number of rooms recommended by the Ministry of Health and introduced the possibility to eat meals in expansive green areas belonging to our facilities, providing our guests with maximum security in the rooms, common areas and restaurants, guaranteeing a safe stay in the beautiful natural environment of Masuria – convinces Marek Pawłowicz, manager of the Kameralny Resort “.

The safety of the guests in both facilities is ensured by:

  • small number of rooms,
  • separate entrances to rooms from outside,
  • no elevators and space with common communication routes,
  • large outdoor area where you can relax while maintaining the recommended social distancing,
  • ozonization of rooms after each guest,
  • possibility to take meals from the restaurant and eat them in the room or outside.

Fisherman’s house “Halibutówka” – apartments with a beautiful view of the sailing village

For guests who crave the palpable heartbeat of the city and a more family atmosphere, it is a perfect idea to relax in the “Fisherman’s House -” Halibutówka”, located in the center of Mikołajki with a beautiful view of the sailing village and The Mikołajskie Lake consists of 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, so that larger groups can guarantee the comfort of rest.

A living room with a kitchenette, a terrace with a picturesque view of Lake Mikołajskie, proximity to the center and minimalist design are the advantages that determine the constantly growing popularity of this place. In the fisherman’s house Halibutówek, an independent building, all guests can count on the highest safety standards, which will allow you to rest and forget about the inconveniences of the pandemic.

Portowe Apartments – an ideal place for families and couples, located in the center of Mikołajki

Portowe Apartments, located in the center of Mikołajki, is a perfect starting point for nearby attractions and a convenient marina where we can relax after sailing or a cruise on the lake or visiting the surrounding monuments. The facility offers apartments with kitchenette and lake view, allowing couples and families with children to spend unforgettable moments. With groups of friends in mind, two-storey apartments have been created, providing a comfortable lakeside tranquility and the freedom to use numerous city events, cafes, restaurants and parties. Fully equipped, convenient location and high standard are the advantages that are recognized by all guests who want to feel the real atmosphere of the Sailing Village.

A healthy approach to relaxation, ie comfort and safety at the forefront

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the pattern and shape of travel. First of all, Poles pay attention to the preparation of facilities in terms of procedures to ensure no risk of possible virus infection. The highest security procedures have been implemented in all four facilities presented, allowing guests to remain safe and calm, far away from worries and worries.

In all facilities, guests have easy access to protective items – masks and sanitizers, which minimize the potential risk of contracting a virus and provide peace of mind while relaxing in the Land of the Thousand Lakes.

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