Record fuel prices at stations. Travel on vacation like never before

Forget cheap travel. The prices at gas stations are record high, and it can be even more expensive. The popular “95” gasoline has never been more expensive in history. As a result, a trip by car from the south of Poland for a seaside holiday will be almost 200 PLN more expensive this year.

It wasn’t that expensive yet. Over the past week, unleaded petrol PB95 has risen grimly in price by a dozen or so – today it costs an average of PLN 6.94 – this is a historic record, especially if we take into account that this is an average price for the whole country – so there are many stations where the value of more than PLN 7 is displayed on the pylons. And it doesn’t stop there.

In the latest price forecast, experts from predict that the average price of a liter of basic gasoline could increase by another PLN 0.10 to PLN 7.04 in the coming week.

Unfortunately, the situation is not optimistic. We have no reason to say that these prices will fall in the near future. Some consolation may be that there are no indications of a further and drastic price increase, but this “positive” trend will prevail – says RMF FM, fuel market analyst, Dr. Jacob Bogucki.

In recent days, diesel fuel, which is already at a record price, has finally become cheaper. The average diesel price dropped a penny a day for a week and today it stopped at PLN 7.35.

The price of LPG is also stabilizing, today we fill up a liter for PLN 3.69, but predicts that the price can rise to PLN 3.80 in the coming days. The specter of four zlotys per liter of LPG is still real.

It should be remembered that the government’s anti-inflation shield is still in place until the end of May, which cuts VAT on fuels from 23 to 8 percent, as well as excise taxes. If this government support expired at the end of May, fuel prices would automatically rise by 40-60 gross per litre. However, the government is expected to extend the fuel regulations until the end of July.

For now there is no chance of cheaper travel ­– dr. Jakub Bogucki tells us. Unfortunately, we are now in a time when oil is expensive on the world market, the situation is tense and we are not yet thinking about any austerity measures.

Indeed, oil is expensive, more and more expensive. Right now, a barrel of Brent crude, or nearly 159 liters of crude, costs nearly $110. Over the course of the week we have a few dollars up, but exactly a year ago the same barrel of oil cost less than $70. In addition, there is the dollar exchange rate, because in most cases we buy oil in this currency. Today you have to pay PLN 4.50 for this currency, and in May 2021 – PLN 4.05.

And that is why there will be no cheap trips, all the more so as there are no price drops in the offing. So how much more expensive will the holiday trip be? Let’s compare.

In May 2021 we had to pay PLN 5.25 for a liter of unleaded “95”, today PLN 6.94. This translates into real costs. Suppose we have a reasonably economical car, then we burn 7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers.

The route from Warsaw to Giżycko is especially popular in summer it’s 260 miles, that’s doubled for the return trip. In May 2021, the cost of fuel during such a trip was PLN 191. Today it is PLN 252. The difference – PLN 61.

Another much-visited direction – the sea. Take for example the route Krakow – Gdyniathat’s about 620 kilometers in one direction. Here the difference in costs is greater. May 2021 – PLN 457. May 2022 – PLN 603. The difference – PLN 147.

They will bear even higher costs compared to the previous year holidaymakers driving diesel vehicles. Let’s look at the same routes.

The trip from Warsaw to Giżycko today is 79 zloty more. (2021 – 188, 2022 – 267) On the other hand, a trip through Poland, from Krakow to Gdynia, increases the cost by a whopping 188 PLN per year.

For this amount a year ago we were able to fill up a full tank – with the price of a liter of diesel oil from PLN 5.19 for the amount of PLN 188, we were able to buy 36 liters of diesel. You could, but it was already cheap.


May 2021 – PLN 5.26

May 2022 – PLN 6.94

Warsaw – Giżycko – 260 km x2 (round trip) – fuel consumption 7l / 100 km

May 2021 – 191.5 PLN

May 2022 – 252.6 zlotys

Krakow – Gdynia – 620 km x2 – fuel consumption 7/100 km

May 2021 – 87l – 457.6 PLN

May 2022 – 87l – 603.8 PLN


May 2021 – 5.19 PLN

May 2022 – 7.35 PLN

Warsaw – Giżycko – 260 km x2 – fuel consumption 7

2021- PLN 188.9

2022 – 267.5

Krakow – Gdynia – 620 km x 2 – fuel consumption 7

2021 – PLN 451.3

2022 – 639.45 PLN

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