real estate market. This is how Poles’ dreams of their own home end

  • On advertising portals, ads for the sale of real real gems in the shell are multiplying
  • One of the reasons for the wave of offers for unfinished houses may be the current market situation: inflation, rising prices of building materials, more expensive loans. Actual construction costs often differ radically from the initially assumed cost estimates
  • The situation surrounding COVID-19 has also changed. Many Poles had to work in the office again, living in a house outside the city is no longer as attractive as it seemed in the first months of the pandemic
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

Spacious 200 m² house in the vicinity of one of the popular seaside resorts. The photo shows a beautiful villa with a large terrace, swimming pool and solar panels on the roof… It’s just a visualization. The following pictures show a real house for sale unprocessed condition, without windows, doors, fences, but with roofing.

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