Pure Farming 2018 – renewable energy and a trip to Italy (olive and grape harvest)

After learning the basics of planting potatoes and setting up a rabbit hut, the & lstrok; time for energy & aogon; renewable & aogon ;. Go to & eogon; to the indicated place (1 in the photo below) and purchase solar panels for 50 thousand Euros.

This is for & sacute; & cacute; a significant amount, so if you don’t have such resources, make money by farming, raising animals, or performing tasks. extra for local farmers. Inn & aogon; methods & aogon; is mo & zdot; liwo & sacute; & cacute; take out a loan from a bank (you can do this at the bank branch or from your tablet – Shop, Bank Application, Loans).

Area where you buy the solar park (1) and windmills (2).

After you have collected enough money, go to & eogon; to the indicated place and buy solar panels. Every 24 hours b & eogon; d & aogon; brings several thousand euros profit. After you create these, you will receive a task to buy one of the windmills.

Go to & eogon; on the south side (2 in the photo above), approach & jam; to the indicated place and make purchases for 4500 Euros. This is about & eogon; as in the case of solar panels – every 24 hours the power company & cacute; money & aogon; for receive & aogon; energy & eogon ;. The more windmills you buy, the more money you get.

Logistics center (1).

After purchasing the & aogon; to produce energy & sacute; the game world grows & grows & eogon;. Just go & sacute; & cacute; on the & eogon; map to & cacute; big new region unlocked before midnight. Another target is & eogon; to the Logistics Center (1 in the image above) at the very top of the map.

When you reach the desired point, enter & jam; to the center and walk to the & fast; to a man waiting for a hero. Come in & jam; interact with & eogon; and the & eogon; travel window & aogon; to a new place – W & lstrok; Oh. Below you will find a list of vehicles you are allowed to take & aogon; take the & cacute ;. Every time you & cacute; in addition & aogon; catfish & eogon; (Currently you don’t have to take & cacute; & from machines).

Orchard (1), olive harvesting facility (2) and processing facility (3).

When you’re done, still use the & eogon; option. Travel & zdot ;. This is how you buy a ticket and after a while you find & eogon; on a soup of a new card – on a lstrok; Island. The first goal is to get inside the yellow Gregoire G9.330 combine.

Simple & fast; it to the orchard indicated by the mark (1 in the picture above) and start the work mode. Now all you need to do is & cacute; flatuled & lstrok;u & zdot; olive groves (2 in the photo above) and collects & cacute; bunch of olives. When you’re done cutting, the collection is ready. with olives to the processing plant (3 in the picture above), where you will sell the goods.

Harvesting place (1) and processing plant (2) where they are to be delivered & cacute ;.

Your next goal will be to harvest the grapes. Go to & eogon; to a tag in & eogon; in the west of the island (1 in the photo above). Position yourself & eogon; for the selected vines & sacute;lami, start working & eogon; and start collecting & cacute; fruits like & lstrok;e & sacute; it is with olives.

After filling the tank, go to the & eogon; to the processing plant (2 in the photo above) and pour the collected goods into the place indicated. In this way you complete the next goal.

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