Not interested in houses up to 70 m².

  • In the starosties, in which we request applications for the construction of houses up to 70 m², no applications have been submitted
  • The lack of interest may be due to the structure of the regulation. Poles are afraid they will sell such houses in the future
  • Investors can also delay construction, pending a database of free architectural projects. It will be ready in the second quarter of this year
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Houses up to 70 m² are part of the Polish order. Thanks to the simplified procedure – no building permit required – they had to help Poland create housing. The announcements were noisy and stimulated the imagination, but when the law was done, it turned out to be full of restrictions that could cool building enthusiasm.

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Investors think about the future

This was the case with Aneta and Dominik. The couple will get married in August this year and have been thinking about building such a house. All the more so because they have a piece of land that Aneta got from her grandmother. However, when they delved into the law, they began to have doubts.

Two things scare me: first, the need to issue a statement that the house is being built for its own housing purposes, and second, the future of such a house. If we want to sell it, will a house built without a construction manager and without a permit ever find a buyer? – Aneta wonders.

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