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The Ministry of Health is working to regulate the principles of performing procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine. Is a revolution in the cosmetic services market preparing?

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Conducting medical procedures in beauty salons, which are health services, in advance exceeds the rights of professional beauticians or cosmetologists, because these professions are not medical professions – indicates the Deputy Minister of Health.

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State Secretary for Health Piotr Bromber said in response to a parliamentary question that the Ministry has prepared a draft scheme for the professional competence of a doctor and dentist, in which aesthetic medicine will be one of the certified skills. Public and interdepartmental consultations will still take place about the draft regulation.

At the same time, a group of experts led by a national consultant in the field of dermatology and venereology prepared a draft of procedures for aesthetic medicine, which was consulted with the Supreme Medical Council, the Polish Dermatological Society, the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists and the Polish Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aesthetic Medicine – Aging.

The design of procedures has already been corrected with justified proposals submitted by universities training cosmetology, so as not to limit the cosmetic activities performed by cosmetologists covered by their professional qualifications.

Only doctors will be able to perform aesthetic medicine treatments

The Deputy Minister of Health also recalls that education standards in medicine and dentistry prepare future doctors to perform medical procedures related to penetration into deep layers of the skin. Its performance is associated with the use of asepsis and antiseptics, the ability to immediately implement anti-shock procedures after the occurrence of side effects and the use of prescription drugs, which requires medical knowledge acquired at the level of medical and dental education, and not in cosmetology.

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As we read in response to the interpellation, performing medical procedures in beauty salons, which are health services, goes beyond the rights of professional beauticians or beauticians, because these professions are not medical professions.

Beauticians only acquire theoretical knowledge about treatments in aesthetic medicine

As indicated in his advice by a team of experts appointed by the Conference of Rectors of Academic Medical Universities, including universities that train cosmetology, during the cosmetology classes the student acquires knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat only cosmetic skin defects, with limited procedures in case of diseases skin and lesions that require diagnostics. During the course, however, he only acquires theoretical knowledge about treatments that also fall within aesthetic medicine the student does not acquire practical skills to perform medical procedures, as this is not provided for in the scope of the training.

The priority is to ensure patient safety

All work currently carried out by the Ministry of Health is limited to regulating the scope of the provision of health services and is not related to the activities of aesthetic cosmetology. The main premise followed by the ministry is to ensure the health of all people undergoing aesthetic medicine procedures, and not to limit the work of cosmetologists in the field of aesthetic cosmetics – emphasizes the Deputy Minister of Health.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Health, there are unjustified fears to warn of the closure of hundreds more companies in the beauty industry in the context of simultaneously jeopardizing the priceless health and life of any person undergoing aesthetic medical procedures. carried out by a person who does not have the appropriate professional qualifications. There is also no risk of a “shortage of specialist physicians related to the granting of additional powers/tasks to physicians in the field of cosmetology” because each physician or dentist acquires professional qualifications upon graduation to perform medical procedures, and aesthetic medicine itself can only be an additional professional skill, because, without being a separate field of medicine, it does not offer the benefits of having the title of specialist. In addition, medical procedures are not cosmetic activities performed by cosmetologists.

Source: Sejm

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