Fashionable nail colors for the summer of 2022. Here are 7 shades to match the holiday styling – you will be delighted

The shade of ripe oranges, fuchsia or perhaps milky white? Here are the trendy summer nail colors 2022 that you will love. They are beautiful and universal and suit many styles.

We take a look fashionable nail polish colors for summer 2022† Here are seven suggestions that are especially popular on the world’s catwalks and on social media, including Instagram and TikTok. They look ultra stylish in a solo version, as well as in a duet with other shades. In addition, they go well with summer styling – airy dresses or T-shirts worn with denim shorts and slippers. Among them, charming pastels, milky whites and colors inspired by fruits that ripen in the summer sun. You will surely find something for yourself.

We start from pastel pink† Admittedly, this shade has been in fashion (and beauty) for a long time. In the spring-summer 2022 season, however, the interest in it is exceptionally high. Top manicurists or top manicurists we follow on Instagram like to use it every day in their work. Very often it is he who plays the proverbial first violin. But it can also be an extremely interesting addition to the whole styling. Below is one of our favorite inspirations for the coming months.

fuchsia is another shade that is impossible to ignore in the spring-summer 2022 season. We will wear it on clothes, especially dresses, on accessories (shoes, handbags, scrunchie hair bands) and on nails. Fuchsia is immensely grateful and at the same time – contrary to appearances – universal. With the help of nail polish in this color you can create beautiful patterns. We guarantee it will work in the solo version too. It’s worth experimenting a bit.

It’s hard to find a more holiday color than Orange† Juicy, sweet and refreshing at the same time – like oranges ripening in the sun. It immediately attracts attention and conquers every – even the most basic styling, adding a fashionable touch to it. We must admit that we usually do not combine nail polish of this shade with others. However, if it does happen, we are most likely to compare it to the fuchsia we just mentioned. They make a very energetic duo.

It’s already a classic. You can find nail polish in this color in the make-up bag of (almost) every minimalist. Nothing unusual. milk white it looks ultra classy and elegant, and is also very versatile. It will work every day, as well as for special occasions – a date, a wedding and… in fact, I could go on forever.

Milky white nail polishes are available almost everywhere. However, it is worth noting that you can get a similar effect on your nails with a conditioner. This is an ideal option for people who want to take care of the condition of their plate or have a problem with their skin.

This is perhaps the most surprising, yet intriguing manicure trend for spring and summer 2022. Nails painted with lacquer in shades of green are becoming more and more popular (not only) in social media. Manicures and manicurists eagerly use both the dark ones (eg bottle green or olives) and certainly lighter ones, such as pistachio. They also deserve attention this season matcha latte nailsie – as the name suggests – nails in a color inspired by a powdered tea drink.

write about trendy nail colors for summer 2022cannot be overlooked Purple† Different shades of this color have been in trend for several seasons. And there is no indication that this will change in the near future. Our choice for the coming months? Inspired by a lilac.

If you prefer dark manicure, then this proposal is for you. Cobalt looks ultra stylish. Both on a short, long and even very long nail plate. In our opinion, it goes perfectly with white garments, including dresses that we prefer to wear in the summer. It is worth remembering when putting together outfits for everyday or special occasions.

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