Ecological wedding. How do you go to the altar in harmony with nature?

Ecology has a major impact on the lifestyle of young people. More and more Poles are trying to make informed and ethical consumer choices. The wedding day should also be a celebration where we will consistently combine our dream vision of the ceremony with ecological solutions. Is this possible? The wedding decorator, Anna Rutkowska, explains.

Ecological wedding

Ecology is slowly ceasing to be a trend and becoming a lifestyle† More and more people are trying to be conscious consumers and make choices in harmony with nature. So if we decide to incorporate an ecological approach into our lives, we should also be guided by them in organizing the wedding.

This of course takes more time and sometimes money. However, there are a few items to check on your wedding list that, with a little creativity, can also turn out to be cheaper. What to keep in mind when preparing an ecological feast?

Ecological decorations for the wedding

When choosing wedding decorations, it is worth choosing the right subcontractors who can focus on various, small details. † The materials we use to make flower arrangements, textiles – there are many alternatives here† We have garden nets, kenzans, use of moss. We often pay attention to where and how the flowers are grown, whether they are sustainable (greenhouses heated by panels, organic fertilizer) – explains wedding decorator Anna Rutkowska.

The specialist emphasizes that we can also use recycled materials. † It is worth giving a second life to objects such as tablecloths, napkins or glassware that we can buy in a second-hand store. There are many options for action, only the couple has to determine the right style of the party – she adds.

The ecological approach will also work well in the case of gifts for guests. According to the expert, it would be a great idea to give guests seeds, seedlings and potted flowers – This can be seeds, cuttings and flower pots. It also happens that asking for some of the so-called envelopes was handed over to foundations dealing with matters related to the topic of ecology. The easiest way is to give a seedling or support a specific initiative – explains the owner of “Alex Deco”.

Wedding trends 2022 and ecology

When planning a wedding, couples try to combine their ideas with current trends. It turns out that we are currently inspired by countries like Australia or our eastern neighbours. – The films made there create trends. The green style (a green theme referring to the Pantone color from 2017) evolves into the Toscania Glam style, ie a more elegant version, but still dominated by green. – says Anna Rutkowska. Which themes will emphasize the uniqueness of the ecological ceremony?

– The first association – a natural wedding. Here, customers will choose spaces that emphasize this aspect. It can be a stable, barn, forest or garden. However, keep in mind that when choosing some of them, you will need a special permit, but it is not impossible. The uniqueness of such a wedding will certainly be emphasized by the boho style, characterized by many natural fabrics such as linen, wool or cotton muslin. – says the interior decorator.

An interesting choice is also the rustic style with elements collected from the forest, dried flowers. You can also use moss, but only the moss grown especially for decoration. All these elements can be combined with materials that have been chosen consciously and ecologically.

Ecological awareness in young couples

Can an ecological wedding be economical? – It will certainly be a great savings if the bride and groom arrange as many details as possible themselves. Organic products tend to be more expensive because if our supplier produces them organically, the process itself often requires more input. It will be associated with increased costs – emphasizes the specialist

So how is the consciousness of young couples these days? Are Poles ready for eco-marriages? – The education of young couples is very important. Poland’s awareness of ecological weddings is almost zero – emphasizes the decorator.

– We save water, separate waste, but in this case the young people still focus on style, and ecology does not bother them. Clients pay particular attention to pricing, so who would be responsible for showing them an eco-friendly approach to the ceremony? – points to Ania Rutkowska.

However, the specialist does not rule out that in the future, thanks to education, an ecological wedding could be the next “phase” in the ever-changing wedding industry.

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