Discover the most important hairdressing trends for summer 2022

Taking care of the style and condition of our hair, just like fashion, evolves and is subject to new trends. What spring and summer 2022 will bring us, we asked hairdressers from Hair Republic Warsaw / Powiśle.

Hairstyles for the summer of 2022 – trends

According to Czarek Słodownik, the “baby bang” pony will be one of the hot trends in 2022. Haircuts from the 70s i.e. short ragged bangs are also becoming famous again and fabulous curly storms will appear more and more. As for all types of “bobs”, they will not be forgotten this year. Czarek also mentions long, straight, smooth hair as a trend for this year. Of course, we can’t forget the ‘modern harder’ queen of ’80s trends, who rules our streets.

In the color trends for 2022, fiery red wins for Czarek. “Many women keep the trends of the previous year silent and opt for the blond front, ie lightening the hair color around the face. The combination of blond and brown is also a fashionable color,” adds Czarek Słodownik.

“In terms of care, remember that our hair changes with age, pigment loss, graying, dryness, lack of shine and sometimes even feeling dull to the touch of the hair are the inevitable aging processes of the hair. This is why it is worth using “anti-aging” cosmetics, which contain hyaluronic acid, biotin, vitamin E or histidine, which increase the hydration of the hair. A very important aspect in hair care is to protect them with heat protection products from high temperatures, both during the holidays and during styling – explains Czarek Słodownik from Hair Republic Warsaw / Powiśle.

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Short hair for summer 2022

According to Michał Urbaniak, short hair is the hit of this season. A modern haircut should give life a new lease of life. The main theme is convenience. Let’s remind you that it was Antoni Cieplikowski who liberated women from heavy, long hair, and that currently working hairdressers just add dynamism to them. Second, 2022 is a time of courage and a modern haircut is to give a woman (and a man) self-confidence and the aforementioned courage in many levels of life. Third, the hairstyle trends of 2022 are being used to accentuate femininity and brave men are blurring the line between women’s and men’s hairstyles – even in the sports world we see this trend. Famous women who inspire me this season and who wear short hair are for example Tilda Swinton, Kasia Zielińska or Danuta Stenka.

“Mono color will dominate the color. The colors of the season are deep chocolate and the colors of nature, leaves, autumn and of course Slavic blond ”- explains Michał Urbaniak. “When it comes to hair care, it is becoming more and more conscious and does not weigh down the hair. Plus, modern grooming needs to be quick and not time consuming, so leave-in conditioners will be the hit of the season. Let’s not forget that the rules for selecting a shampoo for the scalp and further hair care remain relevant this season,” adds Michał Urbaniak from Hair Republic Warsaw / Powiśle.

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Coloring pages for summer 2022

The trend in hair coloring indicated by Ewelina is the natural effect of their lighting. In the case of natural coloring, in the case of brunettes, she likes to offer her clients fashionable reflections in shades of chocolate or beige, which make it possible to achieve three-dimensional color effects and add lightness to the hairstyle. In the case of blond, Ewelina deviates from global coloring and focuses on lightening the face with a technique that she selects individually for each client according to her needs. “When it comes to fashionable colours, those are shades of beige and light warm blond. I try to move away from cool shades of blonde and focus on natural effects. For more daring customers, I also like to suggest warmer shades this season, such as pastel shades of red,” explains Ewelina Chmiel.

“This season is also all about simple geometric hairstyles, e.g. up to the jawline or arms, which create beautiful volume, especially for fine hair. This form of cutting immediately makes the hair look healthier and thicker. For clients who don’t feel good in straight lines, I offer a still fashionable bob cut and, for example, get the effect of a gentle extension of the hairline to the jaw, making the face look slimmer “- adds Ewelina.

Taking care of your hair never goes out of style. For me, the basis of any care is very good hydration of the hair. With the help of appropriate and selected individual home care and increasingly performed additional care in the salon, which allows you to save time and achieve spectacular results ”, explains Ewelina Chmiel from Hair Republic Warsaw / Powiśle.

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