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Michalove is a family trio of musicians who live in the village of Michałowo in Pomerania. Their ancestors were expelled from the Lemko regions of Ukraine during the operation “Vistula”. Inspired by world music and other music genres, Michalove arranges the above in his own unique way.

In 2019, the Michalove band won the first prize at the 29th International Folk Music Festival “Mikołajki Folkowe” in Lublin for “tasteful arrangements and refined vocals”. This year at the Polish Radio Folk Festival, the trio won the recognition “for a stylish and convincing reading of Eastern vocal traditions”, for which it won the second prize (ex aequo with the SEKUNDa duo) and the award of the First Polish Radio Program.

– We’ve always been attracted to music! I sang in the choir, Ania sang in the choir. Kuba sang in the choir. Where we are now is a series of random events that led us to the music of East Slavic landscapes – said Justyna Bryzgalska. – It combined beautifully with our search for roots and longing for the cultural identity that is missing in Pomerania.

– Pomerania is a unique region. Pomerania, which we come to know and seek in older friends, parents, grandmothers, is a cultural melting pot. A hodgepodge of people displaced there for work, forced to do that… There is no cultural identity in Pomerania – explained Kuba Bryzgalski.

The music of the group Michalove refers to the Ukrainian (Lemko) roots of Justyna and Anna’s grandfather. In their mixed (grandmother was Polish) family, the Eastern traditions were hardly passed on.

– Our region is a place of resettlement, not only of Ukrainians – stressed Bryzgalski. – Operation “Vistula” was based on the fact that in one city there were not many Ukrainian families to separate people, suppress their culture. Pomerania can be an example of a place where the goals of the government have been successful. It is a real melting pot of cultures.

Both Justyna and Anna – sisters – and Justyna’s husband, Kuba Bryzgalski, are from Pomerania. Jakub was born in Gdynia, Michałowo is the birthplace of the Terefenko sisters. As the band’s name suggests, all three of them love this place. Justyna and Anna are proud of the open house.

– According to friends, our house is distinguished by the number of people, a lot is happening in it, the family always encourages us to sing at family events – Justyna Bryzgalska laughed. – We live close to each other, we party, sing, we have different ideas to spend time together.

The Bryzgalscy family also runs the Michalove association. They organize singing workshops with Ukrainian teachers. In this way they try to bring themselves and other inhabitants of the region closer to their Ukrainian roots. Besides these pleasant aspects of being together, there is the prose of life: Anna and Justyna’s parents have a farm where the whole family works. As the band members admit – they wouldn’t change this place to live for someone else! However, they admit that Michałowo is not just idyllic pictures of social media.

Anna Terefenko pointed out that music accompanies them even when they work hard. When they spent several seasons harvesting grapes, they sang. According to Anna, this accompanying singing at work is linked to human nature.

Prawda-Polot-Muzyka – these are the three values ​​that the director of radio Jedynka, Macin Kusy, was looking for in a potential winner of the Jedynka Award. The winners of the second place in the Folk Music Competition – Michalove! How do they see the above 3 values?

– We don’t try to force ourselves to pretend. We are an amateur band, we have no musical training and everything we do with instruments and voice, we give of ourselves, if we can, is our truth. But this relationship between us is also strong. We try to show it: me, my sister, my husband. We are a family for better and for worse – Justyna Bryzgalska summed up.

The songs prepared for the New Tradition are songs from the workshops organized by Michalove (from Tetiana Sopiłka, Sofia Herian, the Polish lullaby came from friends to the band).

– We’ve only been in this music for a few years. But we like it a lot and we want to dive into it more and more – added Anna Terefenko. All the members of the trio also agree that singing together is a great form of spending time, developing and enjoying it.

When asked about further plans, including those related to the Polish Radio Awards, Justyna, Anna and Kuba calmly answer: All in due time. They certainly won’t stop singing. They will certainly develop.


Kuba Bryzgalski – baraban, vocals, handpan

Justyna Bryzgalska – vocals, accordion

Anna Terefenko – vocals, percussion

Program title: Resources

Directed by: Kuba Borysiak

Interviewer: Aleksandra Faryńska

Release date: May 18, 2022

Time of issue: 15.15

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