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A journey into the world of police pilots

Publication date 31/05/2022

Many a young man dreams of such a journey. The dream of the students of the Koocham Foundation has come true. On the occasion of Children’s Day, children and their guardians visited police fliers at their headquarters in Warsaw’s Bemowo district. Pilots and mechanics from the Police Aviation Board of the KGP Chief Police Staff ensured that children who due to health problems do not have the same opportunities as their healthy peers, this time had the chance to feel like real police helicopter pilots. There was no end to the joy…

Between the police helicopters

Toddlers and students of Ooniwerk from Izabelin go on a special journey into the world of helicopter pilots and police mechanics. On the occasion of Children’s Day, the youngest took a look where few have daily access. They took a closer look at the latest police aircraft fleet and listened with great interest to the stories of the particularities of the service in this unique unit.

– Black Hawks and Belle aroused the greatest interest among the youngest. These are the latest police aviation machines, mainly used for strictly police duties, but not only. They are also perfect for rescue operations, for extinguishing fires, as was the case recently in Mazovia, and last year in southern Turkey, or for transporting organs for transplantation. One of them, Black Hawk, was just leaving the airport for police action. Toddlers and older children alike were curious about starting the engines and taking off the helicopter. The Mi-8 was also viewed with great interest. Most heard for the first time that Lieutenant Borewicz took off on the gangway of this helicopter in a polonaise in the famous series “07 come in” – says insp. pill. Robert Sitek, Head of the Police Aviation Board of the SAP KGP. – It is a great joy that we could receive such wonderful children with us today. We have done everything we can to make the visit an interesting experience for them and a chance to escape from reality, marked by the daily struggle with disabilities. They were beautiful and unforgettable moments, for the children and their carers as well as for us. To make a little joy and see the smiles on their faces – priceless.

A photo with a police lollipop

It is a tradition that on the occasion of the Children’s Day, the Police Promotion Department of BKS KGP, together with other police formations, organizes meetings with the youngest, whose illness often hinders normal functioning. Last year, police officers from CPKP “BOA” and the Police Aviation Board of SAP KGP helped us to implement the idea. More information in the announcement: Police #JestAkcja on Children’s Day. A real surprise for the children who gathered in the windows of the hospital was the police terrorists ride on the ropes from the roof of the building and the flight over the hospital by the police helicopter Bell-407GXi.

This time, the attractions planned for this special day of the year were waiting at the expense of the Koocham Foundation. There were also small gifts. Among the gifts are comics “To the rescue”, issued on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Police Aviation and special VR glasses, which allow you to watch films prepared in 360-degree technology, incl. with the participation of police pilots as part of the #JestAkcja project. Everyone also got a police mascot as a souvenir. The meeting ended with a joint photo of the children with a police lollipop in hand. It was a shame to leave.

If you want to know more about this unique formation in the police force, what the work of police pilots is like and which helicopter fleet they use in their daily service, be sure to take a look at the website dedicated to police aviation: Police Aviation and carefully follow our profiles on social media. There you will find, among other things: action reports, practice videos, photos, interviews or podcasts with the cooperation of police pilots and mechanics. You will also learn about charitable and relief activities, which they perform periodically. For example, by supporting fundraising for extremely expensive gene therapy for new little patients with spinal muscular atrophy, you also increase the chances of recovery and at the same time become the owner of quite attractive aviation gadgets.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, we wish all children, both small and large, a lot of health. May every day bring you many joyful moments and reasons of satisfaction. We wish that you will never run out of true, faithful friends around you and that life will be a real adventure that will help you fulfill your hidden dreams. Never let yourself run out of courage to make wise decisions and get to know the surrounding world.

Text and photo: j. Insp. Anna Kędzierzawska
Photo: Izabela Pajdała, Tomasz Debrowski
Video: Sergeant. Tomasz Lis

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