A fraudster from Masuria seduced women for money. How did Mariusz P. work? “I want them to lock him up” [UWAGA! TVN]

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image illustrative / One of the cheated women lent Mariusz P. no less than 250,000 PLN.

Mariusz P., coming from Masuria, became the protagonist of the program “Note! tvN”. A man seduced women only to extort money from them. One of the injured parties gave him a whopping 250,000 PLN. The deceived women count on justice and punishment from the brutal lover. – I want him locked up, I want him to pay for it. I don’t feel sorry for him. I want to see his face when they will close it – said one of the cheated women.

A fraudster from Masuria seduced women for money. How did Mariusz P. work?

It’s a story like “The Tinder Cheater”. Mariusz P., from Masuria, wrapped women around his finger, only to extort money from them. The seduced victims believed in the tales of the dishonest lover and loaned him huge sums of money, which, of course, the man would not return. Mariusz P. became the main character of the program “ATTENTION! TVN”. This television report revealed the fraudster’s way of working. This one was pretty easy. Mariusz P. introduced himself to women, whom he met most often through social networks, as a rich man who needed a loan only by an unexpected coincidence. He extorted money from one of the women for an alleged payment of estate taxes, otherwise the money would help get him out of jail, where he claimed he was only for a minor offence. Meanwhile, Mariusz P. grew up in a small town in Masuria, and the family certainly did not bask in luxury. On the contrary, the man’s parents were alcoholics and he had no family property of his own.

He told me that his parents live not far from my work and that he is an only child. That his father has two or three businesses. He took me to some of these places. Now I know, of course, that it wasn’t his parents’ business. Later I was also in apartments in Lubicz. At that point I had no reason not to believe him – explains Mrs. Weronika to the TVN journalist.

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Mariusz P. became friends with women from all over Poland. It is now known that a man has defrauded at least eight women. The inhabitants of Krakow were also victims of this. In the end, however, the man was caught in numerous lies. The aggrieved parties realized that their partner was not limited to maintaining relationships with just one woman, but was looking for more victims. Then it also became clear that an intimate relationship for Mariusz P. was only an opportunity to gain material benefits. The deceived women have contacted each other and are now trying to punish the hypocritical Casanova.

It’s not that women are just stupid because they fell in love because they heard sweet words. It was the entire envelope of this person, Mariusz in particular, that made a great PR for himself. I don’t think I’m stupid, I consider Mariusz a sociopath. This is a man who is pissed off with feelings, when there is no business, no friendship – says Mrs Marzena.

I want him locked up, I want him to pay for it. I don’t feel sorry for him. I want to see his face close to him – adds Agnieszka, who gave Mariusz P. a whopping 250,000 PLN, including from the loan.

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