The strangest animals in the world. They surprise with their appearance

Critically endangered mexican ambystomy looks like a fish with legs. I must admit that such a combination in the animal world is extremely rare.

The named species belongs to the group of amphibians and is only found in southern Mexico. Interestingly, it shows the phenomenon of neoteny, ie the ability to reproduce early in the larval stage.

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There is probably no more alien looking creature on our planet than oleander glacier† Before its transformation, the moth looks like a real alien.

In summer we can observe a unique looking creature all over Poland. The further south you go, the more likely you are to encounter him along the way. The caterpillar is about seven centimeters long.

A small lizard that lives in the deserts of Western Australia, gets its name from an unusual appearance that resembles a demon. Its body is covered with a series of spikes that form the animal’s living armor and protect it from attack.

Interesting, during hot heat the terrible colossus it buries itself in the sand, protecting itself from the heat. This behavior, combined with the ability to survive for several weeks without drinking water, makes him a true master of hide-and-seek.

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On one of the Indonesian islands we can meet real ghosts, or rather shadows shadows also called horrible. While their name sounds extremely scary, some of us would definitely find the creatures extremely cute because of their unnaturally large eyes.

The animals in question are only 12 centimeters long (not counting the tail) and weigh less than 200 grams. With all these features combined, you might think that the description is about a soft toy and not about a real creature.

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As the name suggests, collar agama it is characterized by an unusual collar, the diameter of which is several times the diameter of the creature’s head. The animal spreads it to scare away enemies such as owls, snakes, eagles and peppers.

The natural habitat of the said lizard is the savanna forests of Northern Australia. We will also meet her in southern New Guinea and in terrariums around the world.

The little creature is also called Chuck Norris among crustaceans. The Clown Sucker it is a real wonder of nature, equipped with a whole range of amazing skills.

No other animal has such well-developed eyes as the praying mantis mentioned earlier. Ultraviolet and infrared vision, light polarization discrimination, 360-degree field of view – whatever your heart desires. On the other hand, the nickname associated with the American martial arts master came from the fact that the crustacean can strike with such force that it will easily break a glass in an aquarium or a rock at the bottom of the sea.

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