The new tennis villain. Tennis “Hated in one night”

– Go away! Go away! Go away! – angrily shouted Holger Rune (40th ATP) during the third set of the match against Casper Ruud (8th ATP). The young Dane’s words fell toward the boxing room where his coaching staff and family were sitting. Moments later, the cameras showed his mother, and coach Aneke Rune, leaving the stands. His coach Lars Christensen and his sister continued in boxing.

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Scandalous behavior of Holger Rune against Casper Ruud

The mother’s departure didn’t help as Rune lost 1:3 (1:6, 6:4, 6:7 (2), 3:6) to a more experienced Norwegian and was eliminated in the quarter-finals. For the player, it is still the greatest success of his career, as he had never even managed to reach the second round of the Grand Slam tournament. In addition, for the first time in 55 years, Denmark has a representative from this country at this stage of the RG tournament.

The behavior of the 19-year-old tennis player caused horror, especially because the scandalous situation with the mother was not the only one during the match. Rune often doubted the referee’s decision and Rune was reluctant to shake hands after the match ended. Ruud just shook his head in disbelief. “Holger Rune could turn into the most hated tennis player in just one night in 2022,” we read on Twitter of the player being described as the “new villain”.

Holger Rune translates: I love my mom and I wouldn’t throw her off the court

After the match, the young Dane was asked about the situation regarding his mother. – It’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t tell my mom to leave the stadium. This was not the reason. I didn’t say this to anyone in particular, I was frustrated – he explained in an interview with Eurosport.

Rune also published a post on social media explaining the situation more broadly. “I love my mom and I wouldn’t throw her off the field. When I’m frustrated it helps me if my mom or the coach goes away so I don’t have to tell them. My mom did something similar during the match against Stefanos Tsitsipas to give me a break. She controls it, not me.” — wrote the 19-year-old.

His words were also confirmed by Aneke Rune in an interview with Danish media. – When Holger seeks support off the field, sometimes it’s easier if there’s only one person in the pits to report to. I decided to give him peace of mind. He was obviously tired, it was late and I thought it would help him. explained the player’s mother.

It is Aneke who has been responsible for his tennis development from an early age. His mother encouraged him to practice this sport, goes with him to all his tournaments and is on the coaching staff. – You can say that she is my mental trainer – said the competitor himself years ago.

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This is not the first scandal involving Rune. A year ago he shouted homophobic things

Rune’s sports career is developing very well. At the end of 2020, it was in the fifth hundred of the ATP ranking. A little more than 12 months later, he was already in the TOP100, and after the Grand Slam tournament, he is in 28th place in his career (there are only two teenagers in the ATP ranking). Last month he also won the first ATP 250 ranking tournament in Munich, where he unexpectedly eliminated Alexander Zverev.

Unfortunately, the Dane is not in control of his emotions and Wednesday’s behavior is not the first situation of this type with him in the lead. A year ago, during a game against Thoms Martin Etcheverry, he would shout the word “faggot”. He also shouted that the rival “plays like an asshole”.

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After the match, Rune apologized for his outrageous behavior and explained that he said it to himself. He also stated that he supports the LGBTQ community and diversity. His mother was also very strong in his defense. Everything went to the bones.

Now the Dane has also published an entry explaining that he needs to get his emotions under more control. So, a year has passed, and although the talented Rune is in a very different place in terms of sports, not everything in his life has changed.

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