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My sense of disappointment was all the more acute that France has been close to me at least since high school. Professor – “Madame” – Aniela Żarczyńska tried to teach me the Voltaire language for four years at a secondary school in Brzeg Dolny near Wrocław. She tried with mediocre results, but so successfully that reading French newspapers still gives me no problems today. Perhaps because my favorite French literature in high school and nowadays is the football monthly “Our”, the weekly “France Football” and the daily “L’Equipe”. Then bought from colleagues who had families in France, nowadays bought where and as much as possible. By the way, in the above school they learned quite well not only French, because a graduate of the same high school, a well-known actor and my friend – Cezary Żak, stood with me on the podium of this year’s Telekamer Television on Monday, receiving of the award for the 25th anniversary series, namely “Ranch”. I modestly accepted the award for all my crew for the best thematic channel of the last quarter century, that is – Polsat Sport

But let’s go back to France, let’s go back to Paris. After landing at Charles De Gaulle Airport, I was driven to my hotel by a pretty nice Senegalese from Marseille. Unfortunately, all the way to the hotel “Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel” he complained that he did not have a ticket on Champions League Finalby the way, it turned out that the war in Ukraine is not a problem for the French, because the most important thing is that he won the presidential election Emmanuel Macor and now let’s live in color. Oh, such a French life.

In the hotel it soon became apparent that it was now going on The tennis tournament on the Roland Garros courts is more important to Parisians than the relegation after Saint Petersburg, namely the LM final. This did not surprise me, because for years I got used to the fact that the French always had a shirt closer to the body. On Saturday morning we also encouraged our Iga Świątek. Some on the field, others in front of the TV. After that, a light meal and preparations for the departure of the Saint Denis Stadium began.

When we received tickets as UEFA guests in the form of an electronic UEFA Tickets application, which should only be activated in the stadium itself, I already knew that it could not end well. On the way to the stadium, which lasted not 40 minutes, but an hour and a half on match day, We saw countless crowds of Liverpool fans and no less Real. This in itself ushered in the organizers’ inevitable troubles.

And it happened. When we entered the stands, the Dante scenes were already coming, a direct memory of the Brussels final at the Heysel Stadium. Saving themselves from huge traffic jams in front of the entry targets, fans of both teams jumped four-meter fences and dodged the pursuit of the confused and unprepared flight attendants.

The confusion was enormous and no wonder the game was delayed by more than two quarters of an hour. Fortunately, no one was injured, although the myth of UEFA’s perfect organizational preparation for this exclusive competition has been finally broken. This is probably the fault of the French themselves, who did not expect 30,000 more Liverpool fans to come to Paris than the number of tickets sold to this club.

Nobody thought that an electronic ticket could be easily copied. Of course, it was difficult to enter the stadium with such a left copy, but it required individual explanation, so traffic jams and fights near the goals quickly developed, effectively paralyzing the access of fans of both teams to the stadium. There was great consternation, all the more so that the match announcer gave rather vague information about the reasons for the delay of the match. And while the game itself was really great, Sunday’s “L’Equipe” devoted two full pages to a careful examination of how such a bluff could have happened. However, anyone who thought that the French would beat themselves up was wrong. None of that. All blame was passed on to Liverpool fans and calm! And there’s nothing new about it either. Anyway, what is this topic.

One day in Paris was enough to remind us that for the French, the world still revolves around themselves. On the first page of the same Sunday “L’Equipe”, divided exactly vertically in half, on the left there is a report of the Real – Liverpool match, and on the right – a match for the European Cup in rugby won by the French La Rochelle. And this is a real holiday for the French. And very well, everyone is having the holiday they deserve, so I’m about to wrap up and turn on the TV for the Poland v Wales match. And I’m waiting for it, only our and only our celebration.

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