Which attractions for Children’s Day in Podkarpacie? Adventure with Alpaca can be an unforgettable adventure!

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In Nosówka near Rzeszów is an unusual place called Alpaka Team-Alpaka Adventure. The farm is full of unusual animals! There are also exotic specimens here, namely two miniature kangaroos – Julius and Caesar. White and brown micro sweater. Apart from them, there are mainly alpacas, miniature ponies, rabbits and small goats. Beautiful animals are just part of this place. There is no one to visit and not become an Indian!

Alpaka Team- Adventure with Alpaca is a seat reservation that became famous all over Poland in January this year, when it a white kangaroo named Caesar slipped out of his enclosure and decided to jump through the streets of Rzeszów! Just then, the drivers rubbed their eyes in surprise when they saw something like a huge mouse leaping along the side of the road. The escaped kangaroo was a real kangaroo, although a cute miniature that you can see daily with other animals nosyce† In addition, both kangaroos eagerly eat carrots, which we can feed the animals of almost all animals on the farm.

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Tour of the Alpaca Team-Adventure with an Indian Style Alpaca

We start the Alpaka Team tour with little rabbits hopping in the yard right next to the souvenir shop and indian teepee† Importantly, our entire escapade can have an Indian character. Visitors can dress up in plumes, put on black hair, and don Indian hats and Native American clothes.

After the cute bunnies, visitors move on to the male part of the alpaca herd. The guide will tell us how to pet and feed beautiful alpacas. They eagerly eat carrots with an open hand and can usually be kept as pets. The lucky ones will have beautiful ones pictures with these cute animals† Two miniature goats walk next to their farm, mother and son, fighting fierce battles with their horns and approaching people curiously, they eat treats out of hand and walk like Moroccan goats through trees and pose for the most fanciful photos and videos.

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In Nosyka you can see the famous Caesar kangaroo

Behind the goat farm we meet miniature ponies with a lush mane. These also like to be tufted after long manes. Dressage ponies it is still impossible because they are too small for such efforts. Perhaps there will be time for that in the future. When we say goodbye to the ponies, we walk past the beautiful dog and then come to the kangaroos. They’ve been having so much fun lately that they hide in their house when it’s too hot for them, and they come out in the worst weather. Cheerfully they jump up and wait for a carrot from visitors to the farm. It is difficult to find miniature kangaroos elsewhere in Podkarpacie. Julius and Caesar are therefore one of a kind. After the escape of their white knight, the farm was extra secured. Now neither of these lovely two will slip!

After visiting the kangaroo world, we only have a trip to the female part of the alpaca herd. Currently, Dyzio, the youngest of the furry gang, is among the ladies. A baby of a few weeks old has the softest fur and he is the only one not allowed to root yet. The person who shows us the farm will tell you about the secrets and history of the animals, what they eat, how they play, how they spend their time and what their habits are.

Supporting the Podaruj Miłość Foundation

You must end the trip around this amazing place in the alpaca shop. Why?

Adventure with Alpaca as an idea for Children’s Day

-Our team consists of animal lovers, enthusiasts, people with a big heart. We want to go into the world with love and good. The shop is just part of the business we run under the name Alpaka Team – Adventure with Alpaka. However, it is extremely important to us, as it helps to support the activities of the Podaruj Miłość Foundation. We are happy to receive any product ourselves in our store – we only offer items that we believe have real value. Every craft, alpaca gadget, hat or macramé has its own story. Because of this, we are sure that you buy something that will bring you or the person you give a lot of joy. We support local artists at different levels. We act with passion and try to make our ideas smile. And of course that they bring with them as many positive feelings and events as possible. Passion and love for what we do have been in our hearts from the beginning. Stay with us for a while, take a look at Podaruj Miłość Foundation. It is the beginning and foundation of everything we create. Shopping in our store – both online and stationary – supports the fulfillment of the Foundation’s tasks and mission. By staying with us, you not only buy original products that will appeal to any animal lover, but you also support our social activities. You become part of this adventure and build a better world with us full of love. Together we implement the motto of the Podaruj Miłość Foundation: “You help us, we move forward with help” – assure the creators of the Alpaka Team – Adventure with Alpaka in Nosówka.

In the vicinity of the Alpaka Team Farm – Alpaca Adventure is a huge Indian tipi. For example, you can organize a birthday party there. There will be a barbecue and a playground for children. There are Indian tambourines and costumes and animals that complement the wild world of “red faces”. A perfect idea to spend the Children’s Day with the children, or just a moment with your own child in a beautiful arrangement.


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