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The End The Slaughter Age citizens’ initiative, as pointed out by #HodowcyRazem, aims to exclude livestock from EC subsidized activities and divert EU funding from the CAP to animal shelters. To that end, she manipulates facts.

Agreede #HodowcyTotal issuedabout position on the European Citizens’ Initiative End the slaughter era that is A world without a slaughterhouse

According to the agreement, this position manipulates scientific facts, discriminates against livestock, negatively affects agriculture and consumer health and threatens food security.

The official aim of the citizens’ initiative End the era of slaughter, as stated in the agreement #HodowcyTotalis to exclude livestock from EC subsidized activities and redirect EU funding from the CAP to animal shelters.

  • The End The Slaughter Age Citizens Initiative Manipulating Facts
  • The initiative’s actions could lead to higher food prices
  • The initiative falsely informs the public about the mistreatment of farm animals

The founders strive to eliminate all forms of use of farm animals. As an ethical alternative, they in turn propose the production of cellular meats, eggs, bones and skin in laboratories, and vegetable meat, ie the vegetable substitute.

The meat industry is ready for a food crisis

The Polish meat industry has achieved record results in the first quarter of this year despite the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

“In fact, however, the initiative is trying to convince people to give up food sources that have been proven and used by mankind for hundreds of thousands of years, in favor of solutions that have been tested for a little over a dozen years and do not go beyond the experimental attempts of synthetic substitutes,” we read in the #HodowcyRazem release.

End The Slaughter Age’s activity also coincides with information about the growing financial problems of companies promising cheap and mass production of meat substitutes.

They manipulate the truth and scientific facts

According to #HodowcyRazem, the initiative uses a mishmash of facts, opinions with a multitude of errors and manipulations.

Supporters of the initiative are raising slogans about energy consumption in production and climate protection. However, they do not notice that livestock farming and production are changing dynamically in terms of animal welfare, the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions and the implementation of the principles of sustainable development.

“Widespread popularization of modern farms that produce with respect for the needs of the environment and climate protection would threaten the existence of ecological and animal-friendly organizations. Hence the postulates of a total ban on animal husbandry and production,” we read in the # Hodowcy Razem lets go.

#HodowcyTotal, pigs, dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, Minister of Health, Waldemar Kraska

Breeders ask about farms. Will the ministry respond?

The #HodowcyRazem initiative asked Waldemar Kraska, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Health, to inquire about the allegations regarding the exploitation of industrial farms. “On more than 10 pages you mentioned the possible effects of the operation …

What about consumer health?

Consumers will lose access to natural nutrients from animal products as a result of the proposed changes in favor of those whose long-term effect is difficult to predict, according to breeding organizations.

“We are concerned about the health of consumers and the proper development of children and adolescents who need the necessary nutrients in their daily diets supplied in animal products. The proposed changes will make meat and its products, which are widely available, a create an exclusive product, available only to people in the Middle Ages. elit. Artificial surrogates remain for the rest of society,” reads the release of #HodowcyRazem.

Effects on agriculture

These activities can lead to an increase in food prices and a decrease in the consumption of animal products, as well as a reduction in the number of animals.

#HodowcyTotal, pigs, dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, Minister of Agriculture, Henryk Kowalczyk

They call on the minister to protect family farms

The #HodowcyRazem initiative called on Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Henryk Kowalczyk to take measures that would not harm family farms. The #HodowcyRazem initiative calls for the changes proposed by the Commission…

#HodowcyRaze highlights that the world meat consumption averages 33.7kg per capita and increases with the increasing prosperity of societies. Therefore, in the EU it is 69 kg per person. About 325 million tons of meat are consumed every year.

Food security as a result of the war in Ukraine has been violated in many countries around the world. The specter of hunger and the predicament in the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Asia could affect more than 200 million people, according to current UN estimates, and trigger an unprecedented wave of population migration.

The proposal to forgo the production of meat from ritual slaughter could give rise to conflict with religious minorities who cannot accept the dietary changes.

animal welfare

End The Slaughter Age also introduces the misconception that livestock is mistreated. Concern for their well-being over several decades is even reflected in the legislative solutions at EU and Member State level, as well as in didactic content at different levels of education.

“Under the guise of building for the future, they offer a world without a future. As a civilization, we face the challenge not only of feeding a growing population on a global scale, but also of resisting distorted communications messages that spread disinformation and blur spreads the desired directions of development” summarizes the #HodowcyRazem initiative.

#HodowcyRazem Initiative position on the European Citizens’ Initiative End the slaughter era you will find HERE

Initiative #HodowcyTotal invent:

  • Polish Association of Pig Breeders and Producers “POLSUS”
  • Federation of Employers’ Associations – Leaseholders and Agricultural Owners
  • The National Association of Employers – Producers of Pigs “POLPIG”
  • National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce
  • National Federation of Poultry Breeders and Egg Producers
  • Polish Association of Beef Producers
  • Polish Association of Beef Breeders and Producers
  • Polish Federation of Livestock Breeders and Milk Producers

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