Sports talent. Ewa Lewandowska follows in the footsteps of the sailor’s older brother

Ewa Lewandowska is a 16-year-old sailor who has already won a bronze medal at the European Championships and 4th place at the World Championships. The woman from Gdańsk followed in the footsteps of the sailor’s older brother and dreams of fighting for the Olympic gold. Earlier we wrote about Wiktoria Kaczaj, who trains karate. On June 14 we present triathlete Jan Chrzanowski.

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Ewa Lewandowska is 16 years old. He lives in Gdańsk and studies at the 3rd secondary school of general education. Heroes of Westerplatte. Here he has been training for 8 years at the club KS AZS AWFiS Gdańsk. Earlier in the Optimist class I trained with a trainer Adam Paszek† However, he is currently in class 420 and training under supervision Marcin Mickiewicz

Our heroine’s adventure with this discipline began in 2014 at the National Sailing Center in Górki Zachodnie. interesting, she followed in her brother’s footsteps and started with … ballet

– I trained ballet and my parents wanted me to sail like my brother, to make commuting and all organizational things easier. In the beginning I honestly didn’t like it much, but after the first trip I did – explains Ewa.
The idol of the woman from Gdansk is her older brother Tomasz Lewandowskiwho is a multiple Polish sailing champion. He also has many other achievements on the national and international arena, including winning the legendary Kieler Woche regatta twice.

– Tomek is my support and inspiration. Currently in difficult studies at Gdańsk University of Technology, he swims in the Omega class that represents the university and trains in the Olympic 49er FX class, despite not having significant support from the sailing club.
During the eight years of her sailing career, our heroine has already managed to achieve her first successes on the national and international arena.

– My biggest sporting success so far is the bronze medal at the European Championships in Portorož, Slovenia two years ago in the Optimist class. It was also valuable 4th place at the World Championships in Italy’s Riva del Garda a year ago, the best result for a decade from a Polish player in the most numerous sailing class in the world, says the 16-year-old.

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The Gdańsk player has also won 9 medals from the Polish Championships in two different sailing classes in five years.

Such successes would not be possible without hard training. Our heroine trains in training camps that take place every two weeks and last six to eight days.† In addition, Ewa independently trains motor skills 3-4 times a week. Despite her busy schedule, the girl from Gdańsk is able to get through her studies well, although it is not easy for her. In her spare time she likes to read books and meet friends.

– I had to learn to combine education with school, but it developed the ability to organize my time. I plan my studies for tests in between free time. The teachers who help me easily catch up when I can. From this place I want to greet them warmly – explains Ewa.
As our heroine emphasizes, sailing is an extremely complex sportwhere many factors contribute to success. This discipline also brings back many memories of travel because, as Ewa adds, people associated with sailing are exceptional.

– In addition to our preparation, the environment and weather conditions have a major impact, which teaches us to predict, chance and risk. They differ from other disciplines because there is an element of luck in them. You never know who will get more wind or turn to the advantage – explains the Gdańsk resident.

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However, every discipline has its highlights and shadows. Despite many good experiences, difficult situations have also happened to our heroine.

– The difficult moment was the departure of my first crew member a year ago, when I didn’t know what to do next. It appeared that despite some doubts, this year turned out to be the best year of my short career and one of the best for Polish sailing up to age 15 – tells Ewa.

Parents provide support in difficult moments for our heroine. As Ewa describes them, they are the best fans and sponsors.

– I can always count on them to take me to training or support in difficult moments – says the 16-year-old.
However, sailing training is not so easy as it requires proper financial expenditure. As long as the same club fees range from 250 to 300 zlotyother costs can impress.

To train at championship level you have to go to many regattas and training camps, also abroad, the cost of which can be up to PLN 3,000 and more per week. This is not a cheap sport, but organizations such as the Polish Sailing Association, the Pomeranian District Sailing Association, the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship or my club KS AZS AWFiS Gdańsk come to the rescue. They give me scholarships, funding for regattas and equipment – Ewa explains.
Financial help from any organization is worth gold, because when you start competitions, you can’t count on cash prizes.

– Usually as prizes we get: a cup, a statuette or a medal and a good gift or a gift certificate for nautical shops – says our heroine.

Sailing equipment is not cheap. While only the hull and sails are needed, the amounts can be staggering. However, the hull is sufficient for years of training and the sails have to be replaced once a season, which entails high costs anyway.

– Depending on the class, the cost of purchasing new equipment varies from 15 to 50 thousand. zloty† Going to the Olympic classes, you need to take into account the cost up to 150 thousand. zlotys. It is an expensive sport and I am aware that we need the support of sponsors to continue my sailing career – she sums up.
Ewa’s best career years are yet to come. He hopes that last year’s good performance at the World Cup is the start of great achievements in the international arena.

– My immediate goal is a good result at the European and World Championships, and looking further into the future, I would like to go to the Olympics and fight with the best in the world for the gold medal – concludes the young sailor. Sports Talent Series

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