Green Revolution in Ekstraklasa. Will they succeed again?

Warta Poznań is one of the poorest clubs in the Polish football elite, but at the same time it has shown in the past two seasons that money is not only important in sport. In both cases she had a bad fall, after which she wandered around the relegation zone and a wonderful spring. In the previous season, she even got into playing in European cups, including – she secured the existence of the competition two rounds before the end, and in total she had a sixth point result this year.

Also, it has been known for several weeks that Warta will lose his mainstay in the defense and the leader in the dressing room, ie Lukasz Trałka† 38-year-old footballer, although he was encouraged by everyone at the club to continue his career, he said “stop” – he played a total of 431 matches in Ekstraklasa, and 60 of them for Warta† The Belarusian also left the defensive formation Aleksandr Pawlowiecwho only spent two months at Warta, but came in handy towards the end of the season, when injuries or cards eliminated other stoppers. In turn, he left the attacking formation Frank Castañedawho already announced in the winter that he would only come to Poland for six months, because he had previously signed a contract for the summer in Thailand. And this is a footballer, who led Sheriff Tiraspol as captain to victory against Real Madrid in the fall in Santiago Bernabeu! In interviews, he said he liked Pozna, suggested that Warta could buy him from Thai club Buriram United, but the “Greens” could not afford several million zlotys. Warta also resigned from Mateusz Sopoćkawho played little for a year and a half – mostly healed injuries.

The situation is different with the loaned players and Warta had four in the squad. Two of them, ie Miguel Luis and Milosz Szczepańskic, has been instrumental in keeping the “Greens” in the elite. However, the first was on loan from Raków Częstochowa, the second from Lechia Gdańsk. Likewise, Warta took over the team from the vice-champion of Poland for half a year Daniel Szelagowski and Jordan Courtney-Perkins, but these were mostly the backups. The club from Pozna may return to Lechia and Raków for Luis and Szczepański. Especially that in one of the interviews the coach of the club from Częstochowa Marek Papszun suggested that the Portuguese borrow again in the fall. – In some cases, we will want to talk to their clubs and managers to expand cooperation – says Piotr Barłóg, representative of the board of directors for sports in Warta, who was once associated with Lech. He has another job – contracts expire too Jakub Kiełb, who often played with the captain’s armband, and Michał Kopczyński. – In Michał’s case, we are on the right track to sign a new contract. With representatives Jakub Kiełba the talks are underway – assures Barłóg.

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It is not excluded that Warta will have to find a replacement for the pillar of his defense, ie Robert Ivanov† The high defender has been in Pozna for less than two years, he has made great strides and is now regularly called up to the Finnish national team. At Warta, he only has a one-year contract, so it is also the club’s last chance to earn a decent income from the transfer. The more profit from transfers Simon Czyc if Alex Lawniczak they were a major boost to the club budget over the winter and there are not many players in the club that can be traded fairly at the moment.

Warta Poznań will resume classes on June 15. Her team seriously needs to be strengthened to be able to participate next season.

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