Adam Malysz has a plan. “There will be a revolution in that regard”

Adam Małysz is the only candidate for the new chairman of the Polish Ski Association. He already has an action plan and a selected team of people. – I know who to trust – says the living legend of Polish ski jumping.

Dawid Gora

Adam Malysz

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Dawid Góra, WP SportoweFakty: Every time we talked about your presidency, you said that it was a very difficult decision and that until the end you were not sure whether you would run for the position of union head.

Adam Małysz, candidate for president of PZN: My wife and daughter held me back the most. They saw the whole situation at the end of the season in Planica, they were outraged about it [polscy skoczkowie powiedzieli sporo cierpkich słów pod adresem związku – przyp. red.]† But I have always had high ambitions and wanted to do as much as possible for the sport.

The situation in Planica has also strongly influenced you.

It’s true, but I’m a man, I took it on my chest. The discussions about my candidacy lasted a total of six months. People were asked how I saw it all, how the relationship would work, etc.

Who asked?

Current employees of PZN. I don’t want to talk about the names.

Then I’ll ask too. What does your presidency look like?

First, it is not known whether I will be elected. But if that is the case, then I first and foremost look at winter sports worldwide. Jumping is a leading discipline that brings in donations and sponsors, so I will do my best to keep it going and get great results. Keep in mind, though, that cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, and snowboarding also gave hope for future success at the Olympics. These disciplines also began to develop. I began to look at them even more closely. I see a lot of potential in them, there are people who want to work hard and be successful. We must look for more such people and do everything we can to ensure that they have the best conditions for development.

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Have you already chosen your band?

Yes. When I decided to flee, I had prepared my vision – also in terms of personnel. I know who I can trust.

Will the relationship change much?

Something will change, but I’ve been working with people at PZN for a while and we get along really well, so I think the team that will be closer to me will be joined by people who are already working in the relationship.

So there will be no revolution?

PZN flourished very well. Even financially. Things have looked good over the years, so I don’t want a revolution, but I want to improve what was wrong. Here I mean a certain thing. Abroad, the situation is that players are educated by clubs until their junior age, but then they go to sports championships and from there to the national teams. There are relatively few SMS players in our staff. You have to look at it and, if you want to call it that, make a revolution.

In addition, competitive sports must be adequately financed. In summary, I want to keep what was and improve it in the next steps. Many things will only become clear after the possible election as president. I don’t want drastic changes, but our sport needs a new spirit.

You always said you don’t want to be the man in a suit, you’d rather be close to events and players.

Yes, so it may be worth redefining the presidency. Less office sitting and business meetings, and more field activities. Sports clubs are no longer the organizations they used to be, but more corporate institutions, so you can give them a bit of a new style.

Will President Apoloniusz Tajner stay in the relationship?

Especially in the advisory role. I haven’t spoken to him yet, but I know he won’t run for the board. On the other hand, his name is very important in our sport, he has a lot of experience and his advice is valuable.

A lot is also changing in the context. Are you happy with them?

First, we have new blood. And that means new methods and a different approach. I spoke to Thomas Turnbichler and the other guys on staff on a number of occasions – they were delighted with the new opportunity and had an immediate idea of ​​how to put it all together. Sometimes they use simple solutions, but they should give the best results.

What are your relationships with Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła?

I didn’t have a face-to-face meeting with them outside of Szczyrk, but I had a cold at the time and I didn’t want to expose them to prolonged contact and infection. Such a meeting will take place. We will explain the shortcomings.

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