They improve air quality and cool in the summer. Recommended humidifiers for the bedroom

The optimum humidity in the house should be 30%. up to 50 percent We can often empirically experience when it is too dry. Then the eyes dry and itch more quickly, as does the skin, and cough and scratch the throat. These symptoms are experienced more strongly by allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The most difficult thing is to maintain good humidity during the heating season and also in summer.

The solution to the problem is a humidifier. This device is especially worth having in the bedroom because it makes breathing easier at night, especially for small children, improves the condition of the skin and makes the air temperature feel lower in summer. The only question that remains open is which humidifier to choose? There is quite a large selection of them.

There are three basic types of humidifiers:

  • Steam humidifiers – they work in the same way as electric kettles. Inside the unit, the water is heated and steam escapes to the outside.
  • Evaporative Humidifiers – humidify the air by using the natural process of water evaporation, ie evaporation.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers – inside the device, the water is broken by ultrasound and released to the outside in the form of steam.

It is worth getting to know them better.

The method of steam humidifiers is based on boiling water through a special heater, after which, after obtaining the correct temperature, steam is produced, which is released into the air in the room. Steam humidifiers are very efficient, but also require more electricity to operate. This means that their operating costs are relatively high. However, their purchase prices are relatively low.

Recommended steam humidifier for bedrooms:

The Fred humidifier may look like a spaceship. But it is very spacious and quiet. Inside, it removes all microbes from the water vapor. It is equipped with the Eco power mode, which allows it to humidify the air optimally with low power consumption.

Other steam humidifiers:

Evaporative humidifier – also called diffusion humidifier – humidifies the air in the natural process of evaporation. The device is equipped with a fan, which forces the air through a humidification filter immersed in water or rotating discs. Later it goes back to the environment. This way of moisturizing is healthy and natural. At the same time, it has a low risk of excessive air saturation with moisture.

Advantages of evaporative humidifiers:

  • They are perfectly healthy for humans.
  • As the humidity increases, they lose their efficiency, so there is no risk of excessive humidity.
  • They are energy efficient.
  • They can clean the air at the same time.

Recommended evaporative humidifier for the bedroom:

Stadler’s Oscar model is exceptionally elegant. It is unobtrusive and can also be used as a fragrance diffuser. It has a built-in humidity sensor and a night mode.

Other evaporative humidifiers:

As the name suggests, ultrasonic humidifiers break down the water using ultrasound. This means that human ears cannot hear their actions at all, which unfortunately cannot be said for the ears of pets. These may experience unpleasant effects from the emission of ultrasound. However, for humans they are comfortable.

Advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers:

  • Very quiet operation.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Built-in hygrostat that constantly monitors the humidity.

Unfortunately, ultrasonic humidifiers are not without drawbacks. First of all, under no circumstances should tap water be used in it! Distilled water should be used. All because these water molecules break down so well that any bacteria that later end up in the air are included. By breathing them in, we endanger our own life and health.

Recommended ultrasonic humidifier for the bedroom:

The biggest advantages of the Emma model are: compact size, quiet operation and ease of use. Despite its small size, it is very efficient. It is easy to move from place to place.

Other ultrasonic humidifiers:

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