PGE supports sports. Now the scales are tilting to the cultural side

The PGE Group is one of the largest electricity suppliers in Poland. It transports energy and heat to more than 5 million customers. The energy magnate identifies three main pillars of its new business strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. They are environmentally friendly energy, modern energy services and efficient and effective organization.

The company is also active on three levels as a sponsor for sporting and cultural projects. The group financially supports professional sports, amateur sports for children and young people and high culture.

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Ninefold payback

PGE’s sponsorship report for 2021 mentions the organization of operations in this area. Last year, the Group hosted 110 events at the National Stadium and signed 79 sponsorship deals. At that time it was the patronage of more than 15 Polish philharmonics and 3 main museums. It sponsors 5 professional sports clubs and 16 sports academies as part of the PGE Junior program, in which more than 2.5 thousand people trained. young adepts. At present, this number has risen to nearly 4,000. people.

Sponsoring activities have a financial impact. The company estimates the effectiveness of the concluded contracts at the level of 863%, which in practice means that every zloty PGE spends on sponsorship has returned almost nine times.

Green energy sponsorship

– We focus on disciplines that are massive. We want to be recognized by a wide range of our potential customers. That’s why we support family activities and encourage you to spend time and exercise together. Hence the idea of ​​sponsoring canoeing, speed and figure skating and sailing – explains Wojciech Dąbrowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

The choice of disciplines is not accidental. It mainly has to do with the choice for the ‘green strategy’, which is very close to PGE.

– Our sports sponsor projects deal with elements such as water and wind. We are the leader of energy transformation in Poland and the largest investor in the Baltic Sea area – emphasizes the chairman of PGE.

Sponsoring is not only aimed at well-known brands and sports ambassadors. An important element is the promotion of amateur sports and exercise among children and young people. Therefore, among others, PGE became involved in the patronage of the project “The greatest gym class” of the Artur Siódmiak Sports Academy Association.

Mission matters

How are PGE’s activities in this area assessed by the sports community?

– PGE has a very well structured and very diversified sponsor portfolio – from professional, to youth and fully amateur sports. The latter is especially important because without amateur sport there is no success in professional competition. Sponsoring activities in sports require far-reaching strategy and corporate vision – says Tomasz Rożenek, board member of the Sport Biznes Polska Association.

In his opinion, PGE has a well-structured sponsorship strategy: it involves different disciplines, but does so in a thoughtful way, in selected areas that need appropriate support. PGE looks for new opportunities where there is untapped potential. This is the right strategy.

It is expected that this practice will be maintained.

– Sponsorship by the largest companies active in the Polish market, in addition to supporting brand recognition, also has another very important goal, which is the wide promotion of sports activities, especially among children and adolescents. The mission element is often more important here than the advertising equivalent, says Rożenek.

What connects esports…

PGE has ambitious sponsorship plans. It plans to increase support for local communities and get more involved in new areas, as evidenced by the increasingly popular e-sports.

– A few years ago still a completely unknown field in professional sports, and soon it will become one of the Olympic disciplines. We are the sponsor of the PGE Polish Esports League, the championship division. We move with the times. Our presence in esports is aimed at building PGE’s recognition among the youngest – argues Wojciech Dąbrowski.

… National Museum and Wawel

PGE ensures that it does not stop at sports or e-sports. It also focuses on high culture, although a whopping 90 percent was spent on sports. all available funds. Now these proportions are beginning to change.

– We have signed a contract, incl. with the National Museum in Warsaw and the Wawel Royal Castle Museum. We want to support the most famous cultural institutions in Poland because they build our tradition and identity – explains the president of PGE.

– The proportions had to be changed. Culture needs support. People don’t just want to go to sporting events. We all strive to participate in culture: we go to previews, exhibitions and concerts. So we organized our patronage in this area. The budget for culture is going up. And it’s not just about financing the activities of the institutions we work with, but also their educational activities – adds Katarzyna Kozłowska, director of the business communication and marketing department of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

Such activities by PGE also give culture the opportunity to be noticed by other sponsors.

There are more opportunities in culture than in sports.

– Museums and philharmonics are also businesses that need to raise money, attract people and promote their brand. Just like museums in the world promote themselves. They organize not only artistic but also marketing activities, so they are eagerly visited. That is why, for example, we supported the establishment of a 19th-century art gallery in the National Museum in Warsaw. We want people from all over the world to come here – summarize Kozłowska.

Article Partner: Sport Biznes Polska Association

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