Extra league rugby. The composition of the final is already known. Unless…

Ogniwo Sopot defends the title of the Polish champion and is on his way to fight for gold again in his stadium. Karol Czyż’s players won 40:22 with Juvenia Kraków last weekend and are still the leader with 70 points on their account. About their problems with possible walkovers a little later.

Orkan Sochaczew, who had some problems, defeated Pogoń Awenta Siedlce’s team and closed the Ekstraliga table on Sunday 30:13, has 64 points. This victory sealed the promotion of Maciej Brażuk’s players to the grand final. We would like to remind you that the two best teams will play in it after the regular season on the field of the higher placed opponent.

A certain link of the game, based on the results on the field, was already there. Now Riptide has such an advantage that none of the lower placed teams will catch up with him. The third and fourth teams in the table – Edach Budowlani Lublin and Lechia Gdańsk, respectively, each have 11 points less than the residents of Sochaczew. A maximum of five “points” can be scored in a rugby match.

There are only two rounds left until the end of the main round. Sopockie Ogniwo heads to Lublin, which this weekend suffered a sensational loss to Arek in Gdynia, and takes on the Gdynia team in the Tri-City derby. It is impossible that the Sopot team would lose both matches, and only then would Orkan overtake Ogniwo.

Provided of course that the team from Sochaczew would win the last two games. It won’t be easy – as Maciej Brażuk’s team goes to Gdańsk in a week for a tough game with Lechia, then they play at home with Juvenia Krakow. Just a week or two ago, Sochaczew would be the clear favorite of the game in Gdańsk. In the fall they won 36:8 in their stadium, but Orkan doesn’t win their last matches so easily and Lechia is clearly getting going. On Sunday in Łódź, at the Widzew stadium, she defeated Master Pharm 27:16, depriving the still current Polish vice-champions this season of the chance to fight for medals.

– Lechia really looks better and better, which cannot be said about Orkan or Ogniwo Sopot. Some teams lost their tone at the end of the season, unfortunately ours too – admits Master Pharm sports director Mirosław Żórawski.

Riptide seems out of breath, but Ogniwo doesn’t look great either. Perhaps both teams are already preparing for the final – this is the view of Skra’s coach, Łukasz Nowosz, whose team is still in the running for the “small final”. On Saturday, the team from Warsaw defeated the severely weakened Posnania 62:14 in Pozna according to plan.

Now Skra goes to Siedlce and then picks up Lechia. This final match may decide which of the two teams will play for the bronze. Skra must win both sides for five points and hope that Lechia cannot meet Riptide. Edach Budowlani Lublin may lose both remaining matches – at home with Ogniwo and away from Master Pharm.

– We still hope that we will also play the match against Edy Budowlane Lublin from the beginning of April. We were penalized for that with a forfeit, because we failed to prepare the field. But we completely disagree with the arguments of the Games and Discipline Committee, which said that snowfall, let’s add torrential rain, is nothing special in early April and that we should be prepared for such a circumstance. Meanwhile, in Mazovia it was a real disaster. Suffice it to say that the regional football association Mazowiecki subsequently canceled the meetings across the voivodeship. That is why we demand that our arguments are taken into account and that we can play the match against Lublin on sporting conditions, says Łukasz Nowosz.

The Games and Discipline Committee of the Polish Workers’ Party (PZR), which has recently had professional members, has many pending cases. The main one is the protest of several Ekstraliga clubs against the unauthorized player who plays in the colors of Ogniwa Sopot, for which the Polish champions may even be threatened with a few walkovers. If tried, the Tri-City team would be out of the game for any medals.

The Polish Rugby Union is also still not implementing the ruling of the Polish Olympic Committee’s Arbitration Tribunal, which orders rugby headquarters to lift the “transfer ban” of Skra’s Warsaw team. When one goes into the justification of the verdict, it turns out that the union has a much more serious problem – all the disciplinary penalties that have been brought into legal circulation through its years of resolutions by the board of directors of the PZR are absolutely irrelevant. And this in turn means that transfer bans or bans on acquiring new players are invalid by law and should also be lifted for other clubs they have been imposed on.

The relationship has been dodging for a long time, using various tricks. After an unfavorable decision of the Arbitral Tribunal, instead of enforcing it, he turned to…. Ministry of Sports, what to do with it. Skra also filed a complaint about the conduct of PZR and received a response. The ministry took a clear, very tough stance. The sentence must be carried out! The ministry started an administrative procedure in this case. We’ll come back to the subject because it’s extremely outrageous.

Meanwhile, there is less than a month until the grand finale. The schedule assumes that the medal match will be decided on the weekend of June 25-26. Will KGiD manage to solve the Ogniwa problem by then? Will PZR carry out the ruling of the main sports court in Poland?

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